"I think he's trying to damage me publicly," said Jeff Lewis, about his ex Gage Edward

Jeff Lewis turned 50 on Tuesday, but didn’t exactly receive a birthday gift from ex Gage Edward.

The former Flipping Out star revealed on his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live that his former partner of 10 years had filed a lawsuit against him, requesting return payment of $125,000 Edward had previously loaned Lewis back in 2016.

“I don’t understand it, I don’t get it, I don’t know what he’s doing,” Lewis said. “I think he’s actually just trying to fight me for the sake of fighting. I think he’s trying to damage me publicly. And I think this is a way of taking a swing at me.”

“It is calculating and measured to file a lawsuit on Monday, the day before my birthday. And by the way, I fully expect to be served today, on my birthday,” added Lewis, who separated from Edward in January 2019, before the pair made their breakup official in February.

“Stop being so vile and so ugly,” he said, addressing Edward on the air, adding. “I do think this is about revenge for him. I don’t think it’s even about money. … I think he wants me to hurt.”

Edward did not reply to PEOPLE’s request for comment. He previously told PEOPLE, “I cannot comment on pending litigation.”

Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis
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News of the lawsuit broke on Monday, when The Blast obtained a copy of the paperwork.

According to the outlet, the money was loaned with interest to Lewis after Edward liquidated a car he owned debt free. Lewis allegedly made a $50,000 payment on the loan, but later asked for that money back in 2018 and Edward obliged. Later, in December 2019, Lewis supposedly gave Edward $25,000 and agreed to a schedule to make the rest of the payments.

Edward said in his suit that the payments never came.

On Tuesday’s show, Lewis acknowledged “that there is a loan,” though debated the amount Edward cited in his suit.

“Originally he had said it was 175,000,” claimed Lewis. “I had gone back and I provided checks, cancelled checks, to reduce that amount. The amount he’s alleging now is $125,000. I don’t believe that is the number based on the cancelled checks that I have provided.”

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The Jeff Lewis Design owner went on to say that Edward had loaned him money at a time “when I had four major million-dollar homes under construction” and “I was strapped for cash.” But Lewis then claimed that Edward “also owes me a significant amount of money,” and that there was “a dispute here in what exactly who owes who.”

All of that was supposed to worked out in the former couple’s ongoing “global settlement” agreement, Lewis said, which would have listed both the total finances owed and the complete custody percentages decided upon for time spent with their 3-year-old daughter Monroe.

Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward and their daughter, Monroe
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Rather than wait for that, Lewis said that Edward filed this lawsuit civilly. Just last month, Edward filed another lawsuit against Lewis asking for equal shared custody of Monroe and legal support, as well as a request to change their daughter’s name from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis.

The move was especially confusing for Lewis, who said he had agreed just days earlier to arbitration in their ongoing custody battle.

“Even though I’ve agreed that there is a loan and I’ve agreed to arbitrate, it’s kind of insane that we’re looking at a trial,” Lewis said.

“To be honest with you, and I’ve said this before, he will do far better financially if he just stops being so nasty,” Lewis said. “If we would have sat down and just talked, I would have paid him his stupid number . . . But now it’s all off the table because he’s taken this to such an ugly place.”

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Elsewhere on Tuesday’s Jeff Lewis Live, Lewis criticized Edward for filing his lawsuit during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, noting that the pandemic was have a major negative impact his business.

“The amount of money we are spending fighting each other could be going to the people who need the money, like my employees, half of which are laid off,” Lewis said. “My design business is tanking right now,” Lewis said.

As bad as it’s been for Lewis, he did say the experience had allowed him to close the door on Edward.

“I’ve been very conflicted with my feelings for Gage,” Lewis said. “Once a week I cry about our family… I’ve been sad, I miss our family. But he’s making it so ugly that it’s helping me move on.”

“I [felt] the door was never truly closed. Now I’m going to stop talking to him. Unless there’s an emergency, unless Monroe’s ill, we’re not going to be checking in. … I just have to fully close that door,” Lewis said.

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