Lewis previously spent over a decade on reality TV as the star of Bravo's Flipping Out. 

Jeff Lewispersonal life may be in turmoil, but it seems he may have some good news coming on the professional front.

Following the Flipping Out star’s announcement on Thursday that he and his partner of 10 years Gage Edward are taking a break from their relationship, Lewis revealed on Friday’s episode of his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live, that he recently met with Bravo executive and producer Andy Cohen, and Cohen allegedly pitched him a new reality series.

“Andrew Cohen pitched a very interesting show to me,” Lewis said. “And I really like the idea, and I actually think it’s going to work . . . It’s something they have to pilot and test. It would take a long time. But I felt very encouraged.”

“I’m going to leave it up to Andrew to figure it out, but the interesting thing is Bravo is open to having me back. It would be a Bravo show. So I didn’t burn every bridge,” Lewis said, referring to his public falling out with the networkand Cohen — amid several controversies and a lawsuit surrounding Lewis and Flipping Out.

“It would be nice to still be on Bravo. I kind of miss the Bravo club. I wouldn’t mind [going back]. I really think it would be a good show,” he continued.

Jeff Lewis and Andy Cohen

A rep for Bravo did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Lewis previously spent more than a decade on the network as the star of Flipping Out. That show wrapped up its eleventh season on Bravo in November, seemingly documenting the personal and professional end of Lewis’ friendship with costar Jenni Pulos.

Since then, Bravo has yet to renew the show (no official decision has been made, a Bravo rep told PEOPLE in December), despite over 50,000 people signing a petition to get Flipping Outanother season. Lewis also said back in October that his contract with the network had expired without being renewed.

Cohen previously told Lewis that the Flipping Out season 11 finale — which producers had titled ‘The Final Flip’ — “felt like a series finale to me.”

“I don’t know what the financials are. I don’t know if it’s as big of a moneymaker as you think,” the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host said, stressing that he has no say in whether or not the network picks the show up. “I don’t follow the ratings of other shows much. I look at mine and the Housewives, frankly. … [But] it felt like the final episode of the series Flipping Out. Like the most depressing way that the series could ever end.”

On Friday’s Jeff Lewis Live, Lewis said, “I do think Flipping Out is probably canceled.” He didn’t elaborate further on the potential new show with Bravo, noting, “I don’t want to get in any more trouble with them.”

Gage Edward, Jeff Lewis, and Jenni Pulos
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Lewis’s drama-filled few months came to a head this week, when Lewis announcedthat he and Edward, 33, were taking a break from their 10-year relationship, with Edward moving out of their Sherman Oaks home and into a hotel.

“This has been a long time coming. We were in separate rooms a significant portion of last year, so it was kind of like a roommate situation,” Lewis said, adding that he and Edward had been intimate recently but only as “friends with benefits” (Edward did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment).

The couple — who share 2-year-old daughter Monroe — are continuing to co-parent despite living in separate places. On Friday’s show, Lewis said that Edward had come back to their home on Thursday night to help put Monroe to sleep.

“Monroe’s happiness is Jeff and Gage’s top priority. She’s their world,” a family source told PEOPLE of the couple, explaining that while Lewis and Edward have had a tough year in their relationship, they have worked to keep their tension from affecting Monroe.

“They’ve always kept any of the trouble that was going on between them away from her, making it a point not to argue in front of her or around her,” the source said. “She’s totally unaware of any tension. They’re great parents.”

Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward, and daughter Monroe
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The couple faced numerous trials this year including the death of Lewis’s grandmother, the massive feud between Lewis and Pulos, and the potential end of Flipping Out.

She’s suing the couple as well as Bravo and the show’s production company, Authentic Entertainment. She claims that the show filmed her vagina without permission during her delivery and that Edward and Lewis made “disgusting” remarks about her. The legal action is ongoing and will likely go to trial.

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Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis
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Hardships aside, Lewis said he is hopeful his relationship troubles can be resolved.

“I hope he gets the clarity and perspective he needs,” Lewis said on Thursday, of their temporary separation. “There’s so much anger that he has lost sight of the good things. Every time we have one of these discussions, it’s so overwhelmingly negative. I have a very different perspective. Last year was hell, but I remember nine pretty solid years. We had some fun. So I said to him [when he moved out], ‘I encourage you to work through that resentment and focus on the positive things because there could be more to come.’ “

As for how long that will take, Lewis didn’t seem sure — but admitted on Friday’s Jeff Lewis Live that it likely won’t be right away.

“It was never going to be 3 days, it was going to be weeks, months,” he said. “I don’t think anyone would be upset if we worked it out in a month or two or three or four or five.”

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