Jeff Lewis Responds to Ex Gage Edward's Court Order: 'This Feels Disgusting'

The former Flipping Out star called the legal document "ten pages of mistruths, exaggerations and mischaracterizations,"

Jeff Lewis is firing back after ex Gage Edward filed a lawsuit against him.

On Thursday’s episode of his Sirius XM Radio show Jeff Lewis Live, the former Flipping Out star called the document “ten pages of mistruths, exaggerations and mischaracterizations,” and stated that he has no intention of formally responding to the legal filing he was served by his former partner of 10 years, with whom he shares three-year-old daughter Monroe.

“You know what, I just don’t want to get dirty. This feels disgusting,” Lewis said on the show. “[My lawyer] just went back to [Edward and his attorneys] and said, we’re not even gonna respond to this. We don’t agree with anything that was said.”

When reached by PEOPLE, Edward said, “I cannot comment on pending litigation.”

Jeff Lewis/Instagram

The document requests legal support, equal shared custody of Monroe, and a request to change their daughter’s name from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis, PEOPLE confirmed Wednesday. Lewis claimed on Thursday that it also contains allegations that Lewis has negatively interfered with Edward’s professional opportunities and inhibited his design career.

Lewis maintains this is inaccurate, but went on to say that he had urged one client — Alder & Tweet, whom had expressed interest in working with Edward — to hold off on hiring Edward until their legal dispute was settled.

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“I actually think it’s a good idea to bring him on, but we are in the middle of this custody and financial dispute, he recalls telling his business partner at the brand. “I said, I want to get that settled first and then I believe we could work together.”

Addressing Edward on the air, Lewis added, “How much time must you spend writing a ten page fictional novel? It’s a lot of time. Maybe you should be out there getting some more clients and you won’t be shaking me down for money.”


The lawsuit also included a character reference for Edward from an unexpected source: the headmistress of the prestigious Montessori preschool from which Monroe was expelled in September.

The famous house flipper said at the time that the decision was made by administrators at the elite institution after they received complaints about negative comments he had made about the school on his radio show. Despite Edward seemingly not being involved in the situation that led to the expulsion, Lewis expressed surprise that the headmistress would write a letter in support of him.

Gage Edward and daughter
Gage Edward/Instagram

“The reference letter attesting to what a great father [Gage] is from the headmistress of the school that kicked our kid out . . . really stuck out to me,” Lewis said on Live. “I mean, you’ve got to be scraping the barrel. I don’t even know if Gage met her more than six times, or had a conversation more than 5 minutes.”

Lewis and Edward have been involved in a year-long custody battle over Monroe, who was born via surrogate in 2016, since shortly after their separation last January. They previously had an informal shared custody agreement, but when that system broke down they involved their lawyers. The pair attempted mediation to find a permanent arrangement, but have so far been unsuccessful.

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