Jeff Lewis Predicts He'll Be 'Remarried' in 6 Months After Split from Gage Edward

Lewis and Edward split in January after a 10-year relationship

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Jeff Lewis has big plans for his near future.

During Thursday’s episode of his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live, the Flipping Out star, 48, said he predicts his ex Gage Edward, 33, will come running back in six months, but by then, he might be “remarried.” (Edward and Lewis never officially tied the knot, but were together for ten years and share two-year-old daughter Monroe.)

“This is my prediction,” Lewis said on Thursday. “Like every other boyfriend I’ve ever had, my prediction is in 6 months, [Gage’s] relationship will implode — or sooner — he’ll realize that the fantasy relationship isn’t what he thought it would be, and he’ll come back crying. And when he does, I will have already been, not only moved on — I’ll probably be remarried by then.”

When his guest The Young and the Restless star Tracy Bregman seemed surprised at that comment and asked Lewis if he was serious, he said, “You know what I mean,” while his costar Megan Weaver clarified that Lewis likely meant he’d be in another relationship.

Earlier in the show, Lewis made a comment that Edward, whom he split from in January, had “left him for a younger man.”

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In previous shows, Lewis has discussed Edward’s alleged new romantic interest, calling him a “home-wrecker.”

“I will not say his name, but just for today, we’re going to call him ‘home-wrecker,’” Lewis said of the anonymous man after he claimed that Edward went on a date with him one week after their separation. “Home-wrecker, I think, has been in [Gage’s] ear for quite some long time. I think home-wrecker has exploited quite a vulnerable situation. I think this person positioned himself as a gym buddy friend, and I think this person has set his sights on him for quite some time.”

He added, “I don’t think [Gage is] thinking clearly, and I do not like this guy.”

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Edward told PEOPLE he had no comment about the situation.

On Tuesday’s show, Lewis said that his therapist told him that he “cannot be in a relationship for a year” following his split from Edward, but that hasn’t stopped the famous house flipper from going on dates — and potentially seeing a longterm relationship with a new man.

Lewis has been open about his own dating life on his radio show, telling his listeners about a new fling he’s having with a chiropractor. He said he’s been on three dates so far and has a fourth scheduled over the weekend with the man, whom he won’t name because of a privacy rules set by his new romantic interest.

“I had my third date with the chiropractor this weekend,” Lewis said. “I can’t say what happened because that’s a boundary that I’m not allowed to cross.”

During last Friday’s episode, Lewis explained that during their second date, the chiropractor set forth “a rule” that “anything romantic or sexual stays between us.”

This isn’t the first time someone has asked Lewis not to speak about their relationship on the radio.

The Bravo star previously revealed that during a texting argument, Edward accused him of “harassment” and making “malicious comments” [on his radio show] that continue “to show you have a full intent to destroy my character.”

However, Lewis previously explained that they have since had another conversation, in which Edward allegedly threatened to hire an attorney if Lewis did not change his ways.

“Yesterday we had a very enlightening heart to heart about how this could go, and I did not like how this could go,” Lewis said on his show. “It was very eye-opening to me. It was very much of a wake-up call.”

Recalling a recent heated conversation with his ex, Lewis claims that Edward told him, “If you continue down this destructive path, if you continue coming at me, you’re going to force me to hire an attorney. You’re going to force my hand.”

Now, he says, the pair are able to be civil for the sake of their daughter.

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“I’m really trying to make it about my child,” he said. “She loves him. He is a good dad. And it makes her happy to see him. And I realize it makes her happy to see us both together and united.”

Lewis’s relationship troubles come on the heels of some troubling situations in his personal and professional life.

In June, his relationship with his friend of nearly 20 years and Flipping Out costar, Jenni Pulos, ended after she allegedly accused him of “abuse and victimization.” Lewis has suggested this may lead to the end of their Bravo series after 11 seasons.

Lewis and his ex partner are also currently facing an ongoing lawsuit filed by their surrogate Alexandra Trent, who carried their two-year-old daughter Monroe. Trent is suing the couple as well as Bravo and the show’s production company, Authentic Entertainment, claiming that the show filmed her delivery without permission and that Edward and Lewis made “disgusting” remarks about her.

She is seeking damages for unlawful recording, invasion of privacy and fraud. Lewis has strongly refuted these claims, but the legal action is ongoing and will likely go to trial.

Jeff Lewis Live airs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (11 a.m. ET) on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy (Ch. 102).

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