Jeff Lewis Pictured With New Boyfriend For the First Time Since Split from Gage Edward

Megan Weaver
Photo: Megan Weaver/ Instagram

Jeff Lewis and his new beau are Instagram official . . . according to his radio co-host!

The Flipping Out star, 49, was recently spotted smiling in a photo with Scott Anderson, who he's been seeing for approximately five months. The picture was posted to Instagram on Sunday by Megan Weaver, Lewis's co-host on his SiriusXM show Jeff Lewis Live! Weaver appears in the picture alongside Monika Casey, another of the show's regulars.

"So much fun with these guys," Weaver captioned her post, adding the hashtags: #80snight, #thelinehotel and #openaire.

This post marks the first time Lewis and Anderson have appeared in a photo together on social media, though the Bravo star has spoken publicly about their relationship.

Back in June, when the pair had only been seeing one another for three months, Lewis revealed on Jeff Lewis Live that they would be taking a break from their relationship amidst what he called an "ugly" custody battle with his former partner, Gage Edwards, over their 2½-year-old daughter, Monroe.

Jeff Lewis/Instagram

During that same episode, Lewis described Anderson as "a quiet guy from Portland, Oregon," claiming that the drama surrounding Lewis's life was "too much for him."

"I've got a lot of personal problems right now," Lewis said at the time. "This is a young, young relationship, We're talking about three months. The last thing I want to do is burden him with my problems. I don't want to sabotage this. I'm stepping back. There's just too much going on right now."

He added: "I don't have time to date, it's overwhelming. I'm trying to protect him. I like him. I don't want this to be a burden on him. You can imagine dating someone like this for three months, and you have my drama? You would run."

Jeff Lewis/Instagram

But it wasn't just Lewis' legal issues preventing him from wanting to commit.

Later on Jeff Lewis Live, the house flipper revealed that his breakup with Edward had left him never wanting to get married again or have a child with another man. Lewis and Edward split in February after 10 years together.

"This is a guy who wants kids and a family and to get married," Lewis said of Anderson. "I told him that I don't want to get married… and I also told him that I would never have another child with someone else. That's not what you want to hear. You want to get married and you believe in the fairytale and you want to have kids together, and the guy you're with says, 'I'm never going to get married and the kids I have won't be with you'? That could probably be a little bit of an issue…"

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Now, it appears Anderson and Lewis's relationship has been taken off hold, and the two look happy to be in each other's company.

Prior to Anderson — and two months after his split from Edwards — Lewis had been romantically involved with a chiropractor, who "dumped" him after he found out Lewis had been discussing their relationship on Jeff Lewis Live. The pair went on three dates before they called it quits — just three days after Lewis announced they were dating.

Lewis and Edward have reached an agreement regarding custody of Monroe in private arbitration after a tenuous few months, according to Lewis. "We were able to sit down like adults," he said. "We were able to talk things through and we came up with a temporary schedule that works for us. It's signed."

They'll next be court on Oct. 3 to meet before a private judge to determine a permanent agreement. Both are seeking joint legal and physical custody.

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