Jeff Lewis Is 'Pretty Sure' 'I Just Lost My Job' After Abuse Allegations from Jenni Pulos

The house flipper says he believes his show will be canceled by Bravo following abuse allegations from his costar Jenni Pulos

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Jeff Lewis is convinced his show, Flipping Out, will be canceled in light of alleged claims of “abuse and victimization” and wrongful termination from his friend and co-star Jenni Pulos.

“I just lost my job. I’m pretty sure of that,” the designer and house flipper, 48, said on his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live on Friday, while addressing accusations he says Pulos brought to Bravo and the show’s production company, Authentic Entertainment.

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“Her making this claim, it put my entire career in jeopardy. My family, my livelihood, everything,” Lewis said.

(Reps for Bravo and Pulos had no comment, while reps for Authentic Entertainment did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.)

Lewis claims that the “abuse and victimization” accusation stemmed from a heated argument between him and Pulos filmed for the show’s eleventh season, premiering Sept. 11.

“This fight was no different than any other fight in the 11 years on Flipping Out. This was no different than me yelling at a contractor for being late or someone causing me 5,000 of repairs,” he recalls of the conflict.

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According to Lewis, after a lengthy investigation, he was cleared of those charges, but was soon after hit with two new complaints.

On Monday, he says Pulos “doubled down” and reported him for “wrongfully terminating her off her own show” as well as making “allegations of a hostile working environment.”

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Pulos and Lewis did end their personal and professional relationship, PEOPLE reported exclusively on Wednesday. “It’s true,” Lewis confirmed on the radio show. “Jenni and I did have a fight which then resulted in a rift. … I haven’t spoken to her in three months.”

He also admits that he was the one who suggested she “move on” from his company, Jeff Lewis Design. “I did it because I thought it really was the best for both of us,” he says, “All of this was very civil, I thought.”

“This fight, I never thought in a million years that would ever break us up,” he says. And their parting ways, in real life and on screen, he feels could mean the end of the show. ” I’m pretty sure they’re not going to keep picking up Flipping Out if she’s not on the show. And she’s not on the show.”

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