Jeff Lewis' Housekeeper Zoila Chavez Packs Up and Moves Out in Dramatic 'Flipping Out' Exit

In an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's all-new Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis' longtime housekeeper Zoila Chavez packs up her things and moves out in a dramatic exit

PEOPLE broke the news in August that Zoila Chavez, Jeff Lewis‘ lovable housekeeper on Flipping Out, had retired from working for the hot-tempered house flipper and design guru after 18 years.

But in an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s all-new episode, fans will get to see that her exit may not have been on the best of terms.

Chavez, 68, has had a tough few weeks on the acclaimed Bravo show — especially as Lewis and his partner of eight years Gage Edwards brought on nanny after nanny to help their now 11-month old daughter, Monroe Christine.

While most of his employees didn’t last, something that happens often in the Lewis household, one nanny named Gemma accused Chavez of sabotaging and forcing her out.

Confronted with the allegations, which Lewis’ team and staff believed to be true, Chavez got fed up — directing her anger to fellow housekeeper Laura.

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“I told you girls to work it out. If you can’t work it out, you can both leave,” Lewis says in the clip as the two fight. “I have to get back to work, I can’t deal with it anymore.”

“I’m not working it out with her, no,” Chavez shouts back as she makes her way downstairs to pack up her room. “No. That’s it!”

Coming upstairs from her room with a handful of her clothing on hangers, Chavez looks determined to leave. But Laura tries to stop her. “Zoila, I love you,” Laura says. “I can forgive you because I love you.”

Lewis also issues a warning to Chavez as she approaches the door. “You might want to rethink what you’re up to,” he tells her. “It’s a lot easier just apologizing.”

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Chavez isn’t budging, though. “People try to put me bad and it’s finished,” she says. “I’m leaving. Thank you so much for everything, and if I have something of yours, let me know.”

“Okay…” Lewis says in response, telling viewers, “Zoila’s always had a stubborn streak. But this is silly. It’s silly and irrational. We gotta get this fixed.”

If Lewis sounds callous, that’s because he and Chavez have had their ups and downs over Flipping Out‘s 10 seasons. Not afraid to push back from time to time, Chavez’s sassy and stubborn attitude often landed her on the receiving end of Lewis’ famously short temper. In a season 9 episode, she was almost fired after walking out and refusing to return right as Lewis was preparing to leave for an important business trip.

“You better think real carefully about what you’re doing right now because there’ll be no going back,” Lewis warned her in a tense voicemail. “And I promise you—there’ll be no going back.”

Of course, the duo made up and Chavez made her was back in the Lewis household for season 10, working part-time two days a week. So when this fight happened, it’s no surprise that neither Lewis nor Edwards took it seriously.

“She’ll be back,” says Edwards in the clip. “Give it a week.”

Sadly, it appears that was the end of Chavez. “Zoila retired about three months ago,” Lewis told PEOPLE in August. “She stayed the first six months we had the baby, which is amazing. You know, she’s wanted to retire for two years now, and she’s been with me for 18 years. I just begged her, begged her, begged her — ‘Please stay. I need help with the baby. I need help with this transition.’ And she stayed as long as she could.”

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“Physically, after doing that kind of work for all of these years, it really takes its toll,” Lewis continued. “She’s 68 years old. She looks 10 years younger, because I gave her all that plastic surgery. But she’s tired and she’s ready to go.”

Though it appears they may have ended on tense terms, Lewis expressed nothing but love for Chavez to PEOPLE.

“It’s been kind of rough,” he said. “I’m happy for her new life, but of course we were sad over here and we miss her.”

Flipping Out airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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