Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward Reach Temporary Custody Agreement After Split

In previous episodes of his SiriusXM radio show, Lewis had described his custody battle with Edward as contentious

Eight months after their split, Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward have come to a legal temporary custody agreement for their 2½ year old daughter, Monroe.

The two former Flipping Out stars — who went their separate ways in January after 10 years together — were in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday where they made their agreement in private mediation, PEOPLE can confirm.

They’ll next be court on Oct. 3 to meet before a private judge to determine a permanent agreement. Both are seeking joint legal and physical custody.

Lewis discussed the case on Thursday’s episode of his SiriusXM show, Jeff Lewis Live!

“We were able to sit down like adults,” said Lewis, 49. “We were able to talk things through and we came up with a temporary schedule that works for us. It’s signed.”

“I was very much relieved because my biggest concern was Monroe, and I feel like this works best for her,” Lewis added. “I want to co-parent with Gage. I’m feeling very hopeful moving forward. He’s a good dad.”

Edward did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment, but a source said he “thought the two had a productive sit down conversation that paved the way for happy co-parenting for the future.”

Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward and their daughter Monroe. Jeff Lewis/Instagram

In previous episodes of his SiriusXM radio show, Lewis had described his custody battle with Edward, 33, as contentious — even claiming that the two got into a verbal disagreement on Monday at Monroe’s first day of pre-school, which he alleges Edward video taped.

Their disputes over visitation scheduling, which Lewis originally said were open-ended, left the reality star feeling anxious.

“I’m always upset every day,” he said on an Aug. 1 episode of Jeff Lewis Live! “Every day there’s contact with him, I just walk around in a state of stress. I spend hours out of the day worrying about the baby.”

“I did cry this morning on the way to work. I’m so overloaded with the stress and anxiety,” he said, on an Aug. 2 episode. “It’s torture. There’s not a day that goes by. I’m living in a state of fear. There’s such a complete lack of respect and consideration and now I’m in a station where I have to litigate. I have no other choice.”

“He’s taken the peace out of my life,” Lewis said on Tuesday’s episode. “I don’t hate the guy…[but] its a bad situation.”

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So what changed? Lewis said on Thursday’s Jeff Lewis Live! that being in family court for over an hour and hearing the other cases being tried was a wake-up call.

“I start listening to the cases, and we’re talking domestic violence, child abuse, child endangerment,” Lewis recalled. “Gage and I are in nice suits, sitting there with our $600-an-hour attorneys and our lattes. And I’m sitting here listening to this stuff like, ‘We’re d—bags.’ Because I’m going to be up there, ‘He picked her up from breakfast at 8 a.m. and not 10 a.m.’ and they’re like, ‘He beat me!’ ”

“It really put things into perspective,” Lewis continued. “Our problems seemed very trivial. Yesterday was a real win for both of us. I’m so glad we were able to go outside and work it out.”

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