Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward Are Still Working Together Amid Separation: 'We've Been Very Civil'

The Flipping Out stars dated for 10 years before their break in January

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward may be having a major rift in their romantic relationship, but the two Flipping Out stars are still partners in business.

Sources close to the pair confirm to PEOPLE that they are “continuing to work together at Jeff Lewis Design, and have been the entire time.” Lewis, 48, revealed the couple of over 10 years had separated in January.

On Tuesday, Lewis revealed on his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live that he and Edward, 33, are still coworkers, explaining that Edward, “goes to our houses and he manages the sites.” (Edward did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment).

“We’ve been very civil. It’s been civil,” Lewis said on the show, adding that the two have been setting boundaries as they take time apart in the romantic lives. “I want to be happy, and I want him to be happy.”

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As they’ve been spending time together in work, the estranged couple have also remained active co-parents for their 2-year-old daughter Monroe.

According to Lewis, both were together with Monroe for breakfast on Sunday. After the meal, Edward “went off and did his own thing” before returning to Lewis’s home that night to put Monroe down at bedtime.

“It was totally nice,” Lewis recalled on his show. “If you saw us, you would think we’re a happy family. We’re not, but you would think we were.”

Edward will also be stepping in to take primary care of Monroe at Lewis’s house while he heads off on a business trip on Friday. “I have to be gone for 6 days and 5 nights. He’s going to be in the guest room,” Lewis said.” I said to him, ‘I’m really happy you’re coming here and staying with her because I have a lot of anxiety for leaving her for 5 nights.’ ”

Lewis revealed shortly after their separation that Edward had been sleeping in the guest room in their family home for the better part of a year before moving out in January.

Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward and their daughter Monroe. Jeff Lewis/Instagram

Lewis and Edward dated for 10 years before their break, which Lewis announced on Jeff Lewis Live‘s Jan. 31 episode.

“This has been a long time coming,” Lewis, said, adding that he and Edward had been intimate recently but only as “friends with benefits.”

Their separation news comes on the heels of a turbulent year for the couple, that included a massive feud between Lewis and his other Flipping Out costar, Jenni Pulos, which appears to have lead to the end of their Bravo series after 11 seasons.

Lewis and Edward are also facing an ongoing lawsuit filed by Alexandra Trent, the surrogate who carried their daughter. Trent is suing the couple as well as Bravo and Flipping Out’s production company, Authentic Entertainment, claiming that the producers filmed her delivery without permission and that the couple made “disgusting” remarks about her. The legal action is ongoing and will likely go to trial.

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Monroe had been one of the reasons the two had stayed together for so long, Lewis said. Though there was tension in their relationship, a source previously told PEOPLE that the couple have kept that far from their only child.

Monroe’s happiness is Jeff and Gage’s top priority; She’s their world,” the insider said. “They’ve always kept any of the trouble that was going on between them away from her, making it a point not to argue in front of her or around her. She’s totally unaware of any tension. They’re great parents.”

Maintaining a sense of normalcy for Monroe is important for the pair. “They both want to keep Monroe in the home that she’s used to, around the friends that she’s used to, and with the routine that she’s used to. That’s why she’s staying with Jeff,” the source said.

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Since their separation, Lewis has been keeping fans updated on the ups and downs of his relationship with Edward.

That included a phone call that Lewis allegedly made to Edward after a “terrible” dinner date they had in February, during which he told Edward that he takes “100 percent responsibility for what has gone wrong in this relationship.”

“I truly feel like I have failed you, I have failed my child, and I have failed my family,” Lewis recalled saying.

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While they continue to explore their options (both are dating, Lewis has said on his show), Lewis has said that he plans to give Monroe a sibling — even if he and Edward don’t reunite.

“Within the next year, with or without Gage, I’m going to pursue having another child,” the house flipper said earlier this month on Jeff Lewis Live. “I think Monroe needs another sibling.”

“I do want to have another child for Monroe. Not just for Monroe, but for me,” he added. “Because I always thought that I would never, ever do it if I didn’t have a partner. But I think I can. … I just need to hire a few more nannies.”

Jeff Lewis Live airs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (11 a.m. ET) on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy (Ch. 102.)

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