The famous flipper stands his ground with a hard-headed colleague, and finds himself wishing for a drink

The Flipping Out gang does not like to be pushed around.

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, the well-documented hothead Jeff Lewis, along with trusty executive assistant, Jenni Pulos, and partner Gage Edward (honorable mention: Zoila!) battle it out with a colleague’s stubborn spouse. As usual, our bet’s on Lewis prevailing.

“When someone’s wife shows up and says they can’t do a job because I haven’t signed the paperwork guaranteeing the entire job to them, I have to move on,” Lewis, 46, says in response to his contractor, Frank’s, wife, Angelica, who insists on receiving a “scope of work.”

“We should have played a drinking game every time she said ‘scope of work,’” Lewis jokes to Pulos in the car following the altercation. “I’d be wasted.”

“Worse than my wedding,” Pulos, 43, adds.

Lewis recognized the tactic as a clever ploy for Angelica to get what she wants — one the famous flipper has tried himself on more than one occasion.

“It was calculating how she did it right in front of Chaz and she didn’t want me to react,” he says of the altercation, which took place in front of his client, Chaz Dean. “It’s like when you break up with someone or have a serious discussion with someone and you don’t want them to get upset, you do it in a restaurant.”

“I knew someone that broke up with their girlfriend and asked to take the food to go,” Pulos says.

“Yeah, your ex husband,” Lewis retorts.

Mic drop.

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