Jason Biggs and Busy Philipps' Christmas Wreath Battle Will Make You Forget About Thanksgiving

In a holiday video series from craft store Michaels, Busy Philipps takes on celebrity guests in Christmas crafting competitions

If you’ve not yet submitted to the fact that Christmas starts the day after Halloween, or, at the very latest, the day after Thanksgiving, prepare for this clip of Busy Philipps and Jason Biggs to shove you gently into the holiday spirit.

Philipps has partnered up with DIY mecca Michael’s for a series of celeb-studded and seriously festive craft-offs. Her first video saw the actress facing off with recently anointed domestic diva Snoop Dogg, to make some glittery ornaments. Spoiler alert: Snoop’s fascination with glitter glue is not to be missed.

In the second showdown for the Maker Cup, Philipps and OITNB’s Jason Biggs decorate holiday wreaths. Biggs admits early on that he’s not exactly a natural crafter. “Busy, I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t know what I’m doing here,” he says. He is however flexing his creative muscles, bashfully admitting, “I’m painting now. It’s no big deal.”

Things take a turn when the surprise challenge is revealed and each contestant is allowed to add one item to their opponent’s wreath. See who made it out OK, and who ended up with an oddly cat-themed creation in the clip above.

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