Jaime King Shares Inside Her L.A. Home: 'I Haven't Found Any Other Place That I Love Like This'

See how the Hart of Dixie actress got creative to make room for baby number two

They say when you love something you have to let it go, but that’s not the case for Jaime King and her cozy California home.

“The minute that I walked into it I knew that it was my home, I don’t know how to really describe it,” the Hart of Dixie star, 38, tells Zillow, adding, “I haven’t found any other place that I love like this.”

Although her house was “calm” at first, it filled up fast after she married filmmaker Kyle Newman, 41. The couple had plenty of room for to carve out a midcentury-style nursery for their first son James, 3, but the news of now one-year-old Leo forced them to get a little more creative.


“We had a porch that was connected to our bedroom but we never really used it so we wanted to create another room where we could read scripts and be creative,” King explains. “And right when we finished creating this amazing room, I found out that I was pregnant, and I was like ‘oh my goodness, this is where the baby is going to have to go!’”

Now the updated living space not only features luxe details like a marble fireplaces and a blush-colored sofa, but also kid-friendly touches including a wooden crib, cloud mobile and lots of stuffed animals.


“I was really stunned at the way that you can continue to grow your house and your home that’s really aligned with your taste, where it doesn’t feel like the kids have taken over,” she says.

With her ever-evolving career, King could relocate to a spot large enough to accommodate her growing family, but generous square footage or a spa-like pool isn’t going to be what convinces her.

“I just have not felt the same magic that I’ve felt when I’m here in this home,” she says. “And until I feel that way, I’ll just keep being really creative.”

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