By Megan Stein
May 04, 2017 10:12 AM

If you thought Gwyneth Paltrow’s New York City apartment was amazing, wait until you see her office.

Paltrow’s showing off the newly made-over headquarters of her lifestyle brand, Goop, and it’s immediately obvious that it captures the actress’s signature style: simple and chic.

“I don’t have a very broad aesthetic,” the actress, 44, admits to Architectural Digest. “I like beautiful materials and nice textures.”

Although she moved her crew into their Santa Monica warehouse a year and a half ago from the original location in a barn at her home in Los Angeles, the new headquarters are just now getting a fresh look.

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“We wanted to preserve the spirit of our first office — raw, energetic, filled with natural light, very California,” she says of her design strategy. “The warehouse has a similar vibe. It’s tough and industrial, but you also feel the ocean close by.”

The team at Restoration Hardware stepped in to transform the space, which was once used as a chicken coop (but one that’s just a tidge larger than Nicole Richie’s). Exposed rafters adorned with statement light fixtures, industrial-style work tables and a practical but pretty test kitchen all capture the Goop “ethos” to make work feel more relaxed.

“We spend a crazy amount of time here — lots of late nights,” Paltrow says. “Since we think of Goop as family, we wanted everyone to feel at home.”

For the full story, visit Architectural Digest.