Inside Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick's Quirky-Modern Austin Farmhouse

The model, actress, and Finery founder shows off her design prowess and her potty-mouthed coffee mug

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Home is Where the Laughs Are

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Winnie Au

"The world can be so serious," says Brooklyn Decker. "When you are home, you should feel good." Making her family's 6,800-sq.-ft. Austin, Texas, farmhouse warm and inviting has been the goal for the Grace and Frankie actress, 30.

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All in the Family

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Decker shares her recently completed home with her husband, Andy Roddick, 34, who will be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame this month, their 1½-year-old Hank, and two bulldogs: Bob Costas (pictured), named for the sportscaster, and Billie Jean King, named for the tennis legend.

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The Splurge-Worthy Space

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The heart of the five-bedroom, 6½-bath home is the kitchen, which she remodeled, adding marble countertops and wood cabinets and shelving. "We are people who live in our kitchen," she says. "It's where we eat our meals, have our conversations, drink wine." She adds, "I splurged on the marble . . . and I splurged on the brass sink."

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Her Favorite Piece

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One of Decker's favorite items is her brother's wedding gift, a 10-ft.-long handcrafted dining table paired here with chairs reupholstered in Southwest-style blankets.

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Fun, Fearless Decorating

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Nothing in the house is stuffy. "If you feel like you can't put your feet up on something, it doesn't feel like a home," says Decker, whose philosophy is reflected in her whimsical collections of "random old portraits that are terribly painted," the free "McDonald's glasses that used to come with kids' meals," and the Drake-coined word "YOLO" (you only live once) displayed on a wall.

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Stars and Stripes

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Winnie Au

The American flag, found on Etsy, was originally meant for Hank's nursery, but Decker (pictured with Bob), says, "We loved it so much that I stole it back for our room."

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Brooklyn's Sanctuary

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Winnie Au

Decker loves this tub, which she found on, because "it felt very antique, like something you would have seen on someone's back porch 100 years ago." The flooring, like in the other rooms in the house, is from the Chicago stock exchange.

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Fashion is Serious Business

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Decker loves showing off her accessories in her walk-in closet but says her entire wardrobe is now laid out on her phone with the help of her site, which has "changed my life as far as organization is concerned."

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Brand New Start

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Winnie Au

The room-size closet is part of a recent renovation headed up by Decker that also included a new master bedroom and master bath.

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