Inside Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker's Family Home, Where 'Nothing Is Precious'

The retired tennis star and model-turned-entrepreneur show off their mountain getaway in Cashiers, North Carolina.

It’s no secret that Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker know how to make a house feel like home.

After outgrowing their previous North Carolina lake house (listed in January 2018) and letting go of their renovated Texas farmhouse in September, the pair have designed their ultimate home away from home in Cashiers, NC—the state where Decker grew up.

Though Roddick, Decker, who recently competed against one another on Lip Sync Battle (with an assist from Serena Williams), spend the majority of their time in Austin, this seven-bedroom house acts as a peaceful and secluded second residence for their family. The retired tennis star and model share two kids: son Hank, 3, and daughter Stevie, 1.

Cashiers is full of mountain spirit, but free from tourists. “It’s a really tiny town with families from cities like Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. So there’s an interesting culture, too—like, ex–big city kids,” Decker tells Architectural Digest in a feature showing off their new home.

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker HomeCredit: ANNA NAPHTALI

Taking advantage of all that North Carolina has to offer was also important to the couple—all of the materials used to create the barn-like residence were sourced from the state, including granite and reclaimed wood from Cashiers itself. Many of the items decorating the rustic home are local as well. “We got our chairs from a place called Rusticks in Cashiers and our art and tchotchkes from Antique Tobacco Barn in Asheville,” Decker, who founded digital closet app Finery, says.

In the massive great room, the walls are papered in scenic panels from Zuber’s “The Views of North America” series, which is also found in the White House.

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker HomeCredit: ANNA NAPHTALI

“I like darker, more colorful colors,” Decker says. “We were trying to bring in the open sky and the green mountains in the best way I know how. The view from this room out to the mountain is really beautiful. The fog rolls in every day and it never looks the same.”

The spirit of the mountains is also channeled in other rooms throughout the house, including the dark grey marbled sinks in the master-bathroom, which Decker designed herself; the master bedroom, complete with a forest-green fabric bed frame; foliage-patterned fabric chairs in the kitchen; and the bunk room, which features hanging beds topped with Pendleton blankets and a pennant which reads: “Going to the mountains is going home.”

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker HomeCredit: ANNA NAPHTALI

Another favorite feature is the lofted space above the entrance, serving as a family library of sorts.

“We had this space with no purpose, so I said, ‘Let’s line it with shelves and fill them with books,’” Decker says. “There’s this ladder, so it looks forbidden to our son. The rule is that, once he can read, he can climb the ladder.”

Decker and Roddick were striving for a homey feeling when they designed their mountain getaway, hoping it would feel inviting to friends and family.

They recently hosted their first Christmas in the home. “Whenever we have a project, we want you to be able to put your feet on any piece of furniture,” Decker says. “Nothing is precious. Come, relax on the furniture, have a glass of wine, stay forever—that’s the space we wanted to create.”

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