The Food Network star fell for his interior designer and the pair now share the gorgeous apartment she created for him

By Mackenzie Schmidt
September 14, 2018 12:20 PM
Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

Alton Brown embodies the ultimate foodie nerd on his numerous TV series, but the Food Network star’s Mariettta, Georgia, loft is shockingly hip.

That likely has something to do with the fact that his new fiancée, Elizabeth Ingram, is a successful restaurant and residential designer based in Atlanta. In fact, the pair met when Brown hired her to decorate the new apartment he’d just purchased, he tells

While they had a successful working relationship, as their stylish and unique home proves, he admits, “At some point, meetings turned into dates.”

Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

“I’m not going to lie,” the host of Good Eats and Iron Chef among other shows says, “and I can’t put my finger on when it was—I started looking forward to seeing her more than the space.”

During their AD interview, Brown stops to ask Ingram, “At some point, did you start thinking you might live there?” She admits, “Yes,” but says she maintained her professionalism by designing the space to Brown’s taste, not her own.

Credit: Chandler Bondurant

The couple got engaged in April 2018, about a year after finishing the apartment. They plan to marry this month in Charleston, South Carolina.“I think we’ll be a good married couple because we already know what that collaboration looks like,” says Brown, who split from his second wife, DeAnna Brown, with whom shares a daughter, in 2015. “Even if it hadn’t ended the way it is ending, it would have been a delightful process. I love this loft.”

Credit: Chandler Bondurant

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