IKEA Just Made a Big Announcement That's Going to Make Shopping for Special Occasions So Much Easier

Ikea Furniture Retail Store
Photo: Tony Baggett/Getty

A trip to IKEA has long been a test of relationship strength, but now the Swedish retailer can have a hand in your wedding day, too.

IKEA announced today that it’s throwing it’s hat in the registry ring, rolling out a new online feature that allows customers to create product wishlists for weddings, birthdays, showers and beyond.

The system works like most web registries, with options to create a list in their app, online, or at a special kiosk in the store. There is one caveat, however: customers wanting to register must be signed up for the IKEA Family loyalty program, which offers discounts and other benefits to its members. (Don’t worry, it’s free).

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IKEA will also provide a variety of guides, like wedding inspiration, baby basics and new home ideas that can help highlight popular picks for each occasion. When giftees are done shopping, they can share the list with loved ones via email, social media or text message. The tool can also be used to write a personalized greeting for visitors, read messages left by gifters and send thank you notes.

There are a few ways invitees can contribute: Users can buy items via the website or in-store, “chip in” a desired dollar amount toward items greater than $50, or virtually buy a product. The last simply puts the value of the desired item on an IKEA gift card — a workaround for those items that can’t be purchased online.

All that’s left to do is find an event worth refurnishing for.

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