“It is a launchpad for imagination," IKEA designer Andreas Fredriksson said of the new storage box

By Claudia Harmata
August 27, 2020 04:49 PM
Ikea and LEGO
Credit: Ikea/LEGO

Our homes are our playground!

That's exactly the mentality IKEA hopes to inspire through their new collaboration with the LEGO Group on a storage container for everyday use.

On Thursday, the store announced the launch of their new limited-edition BYGGLEK collection, which "brings play and storage together to fuel creativity while creating more space for play in the home," a press release reads.

Designers Andreas Fredriksson (IKEA) and Rasmus Buch Løgstrup (LEGO) created a chic container with LEGO mold studs on the lid and side pockets so that children can "play, display and replay their creations."

Ikea and LEGO
Credit: Ikea/LEGO

“A child psychologist we had on board said that if we can make a storage device that can be a part of the play, then we will succeed. I remember that IKEA suggested we mold studs on the top of the box. If you asked me then, I would have said it would be impossible. But BYGGLEK ended up being one of the biggest molded items in LEGO history," Buch Løgstrup explained.

According to the designer, the box is made out of the same durable material used in high-quality LEGO bricks.

Ikea and LEGO
Credit: Ikea/LEGO

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The thought process behind the BYGGLEK collection was to encourage children to participate in ongoing play and imagination while also making it convenient for parents.

"I remember that the discussion started with how we store bricks at home. When I was a kid, LEGO building was very much play for the weekend. We stored all of the bricks in a big blanket," Fredriksson said. "It was wonderful because a huge part of the play was finding the right pieces. It was play or put away. In the work with BYGGLEK, we talked about how you can play and pause without scattering your project all over the floor.”

“It is a launchpad for imagination," he added.

Ikea and LEGO
Credit: Ikea/LEGO

The BYGGLEK collection features three different sizes of the "first-of-its-kind" storage box, retailing at $14.99, $12.99, and $9.99 respective to size. All the boxes can also be connected to each other for larger creations.

“The fact that you can build from the inside or outside. Including the box in the play lets you build something big really fast. Can’t wait to see what people will come up with," Fredriksson said.

The imaginative new collection also includes the BYGGLEK 201-piece LEGO brick set, which is a curated selection of existing LEGO bricks and minifigures designed for ages 5 and up. It retails for $14.99.

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The boxes also fit with any elements in the LEGO System in Play

"It fits within the LEGO System, just like all of our sets. When developing products, we want to ensure that kids and families can mix and match their LEGO sets as far as their imagination takes them," Buch Løgstrup said.

BYGGLEK will be available for purchase in-stores and online beginning October 1, 2020.