The Swedish furniture giant and perfumer Byredo are experimenting with a signature scent

By Megan Stein
June 14, 2017 12:24 PM

There’s something in the air at IKEA.

The Swedish furniture giant recently announced a slew of upcoming collaborations — including a line of furniture with a fashion designer favorited by Bella Hadid and Justin Bieber — the most unexpected of which is a fragrance crafted alongside Swedish perfumer Byredo, to be released in 2019.

In a statement, IKEA notes the move toward “invisible design” (that is, a product that evokes a style or mood without seeing anything) was inspired by the link between scent and memory. “I know most people have associations of visiting their grandmother’s house – whether it’s her perfume or the flowers or her cooking – smell is a very relevant part of the home. It creates a sense of comfort and security,” Byredo’s founder Ben Gorham says in a post on IKEA’s blog.

Although many details are still under wraps, IKEA does tease one of the proposed smells that captures the best part of a visit to the store: the post-checkout snack.

“Today we got a sneak peak of what this aromatic collab might turn into: a whiff of the more than well-known Swedish cinnamon buns permeates the hallways of IKEA of Sweden,” the brand reveals in the post.

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What shape the products will take is still a bit fuzzy. Candles? Room spray? An incense burner that requires assembly? The official statement hints that the line will go beyond your typical tea light:

“The collaboration aims at looking into both the role of scent in the home, the carriers and the products as well as exploring innovation in scent, how we can integrate scents in completely new ways.” It continues, “We are also curious to explore the scent of IKEA, if there is one, what does IKEA smell like?”

It’s a question they may not want to take too literally, lest we end up with eau de meatballs and cardboard, for her.