Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins are the stars of Flip or Flop: Nashville

This may be the only relationship on HGTV more shocking than that of ex-spouses Christina and Tarek El Moussa, who continue to film Flip or Flop together after their divorce.

Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins, a former NFL cornerback, dated for years, went through a “traumatic” break up, and then came back together — this time, as business partners. Now, they’re also HGTV co-stars on the spin-off series Flip or Flop: Nashville.

“Obviously, there was some time in between, but I think one of the keys — ” Jenkins, who was named one of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Handymen Alive in November, begins to explain on Thursday’s People Now.

“After the traumatic break up, yes, there was time in between,” Turner jumps in, adding, “Listen, I have stories.”

Jenkins confirms their falling out was rough. Asked if it was traumatic for him, he says, “I would say so. We were together for like 5 years.”

“Are there ever really any good breakups?” asks Turner. She notes, “One thing we did well was make money together.”

Asked whether they ever dip back into that romantic thing, they simultaneously give an emphatic, “No!”

Now the friendly exes are heading into their second season of Flip or Flop, tackling one of the country’s hottest real estate markets.

The competitive area has forced them to widen their scope, taking on “just any home available in Nashville,” Turner deadpans.

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And they’ve been takin on projects that are far from ideal. “They’re really not attractive,” she says, “We have some really awful homes this year. It was hard. I mean, 100-year-old homes that are 1,800, 2,000 square feet, that aren’t quick flips and are huge risks to take. By the time you’re done with it, if the market shifts even a little bit, that can affect your profit line.”

Of course, all of this drama makes their sparkling reveals that much more rewarding! See them in action in the video above and tune in to Flip or Flop: Nashville Thursdays at 9/8c on HGTV.