Home Hack: How to Remove Coffee Stains from Anything Using Only Three Ingredients

This cleaning trick is the cure to early morning clumsiness

A cup of coffee in the morning is a must. An accidental stain right before you’re about to head off to the office, not so much.

If you’re prone to spills while enjoying your caffeine fix (or your after-work wine), then you’ll need to memorize this easy solution for returning your clothing to its like-new look. With a few pantry ingredients and a little elbow grease, your workwear will be ready for its business casual close-up.

First, combine two tablespoons of laundry detergent with two tablespoons of vinegar and two tablespoons of water. Stir to combine, and then use a toothbrush to apply the treatment onto the trouble spot. Next, pop the garment into the washing machine and come home to a clean shirt!

To see the stain-erasing magic for yourself, watch the full video above.

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