Here's How You Can Play Cards Against Humanity Online for Free While Social Distancing

Socially distancing just got a whole lot more fun

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Not interested in playing Cards Against Humanity with your immediate family while stuck at home? Don't fear: now there's a way to play the often-risqué party game with friends while still abiding by safe social distancing guidelines.

It turns out that Cards Against Humanity can be played online — for free!

All you need is a computer or smartphone, plus a webcam if you're curious to see the facial expressions of other players when they inevitably read a cringe-worthy card.

Here are the three ways to play:

The simplest option requires players to head to From there, after scrolling down and pressing "Cards Against Humanity," players can click on "Start Game" and send that link to other people, who can join by pressing "Enter Game."

Once the game begins you're entirely on your own. After dealing the cards, you move and discard them by clicking around, making it feel like you're playing the real deal.

It's also possible to see where your opponents' cursors or fingers are on the screen, so you can easily detect if someone is trying to sneak a peek at the cards you've played.

This version allows up to 6 participants.

cards against humanity photog - Brent Knepper
Brent Knepper

Pretend You’re Zyxxy

While this isn't exactly Cards Against Humanity, the website Pretend You're Zyxxy allows for more players, any expansions, and a much more in-depth level of play.

Go to the website, create a username, hit "Create Game" in the top left corner, and then share the link to your pals so they can jump in.

Once all the players are present, the game can be played with any and all expansion packs and extra rules, such as a time multiplier and points limit. Participants who don't want to play can also join as spectators.

This game allows anywhere from 3 to 20 participants.

Cards Against Humanity Lab

CAH Lab is played by just one person per game and involves an AI dealing one black card and a selection of white cards. The player has to choose the funniest card, or in some cases, which cards aren't funny so that the AI knows which cards are the best.

While this game isn't necessarily a competition, it can be pretty hilarious for the player who has to pick between the AI's choice of cards.

Many of the cards also aren't found in the real game packs, so the player can expect the unexpected when it comes to which crazy phrase is coming their way next.

Now get playing — you've got plenty of free time!

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