"This is the most humbling, unexpected, fantastic place to be in my life," Jonathan Scott tells PEOPLE exclusively

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Drew and Jonathan Scott have hit TV shows and millions of obsessed fans — but it’s the women in their lives who make them “truly happy,” the brothers tell PEOPLE exclusively.

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, the 38-year-old stars of HGTV‘s Property Brotherswhose new book It Takes Two: Our Story comes out Sept. 5 — open up about fame, family and finally finding love.

In recent years, the twins have solidified themselves as giants in the real estate and home-improvement industry — but now is the first time the two have hit their stride in their personal lives as well: Drew got engaged to fiancée Linda Phan, 31, creative director at Scott Brothers Entertainment, in December, and Jonathan is in a serious relationship with girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov, 28, who also works at their company as a development producer.

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So how did the lovebirds meet? Drew met Phan at a fashion show in Toronto in 2010 — and the chemistry was instant.

“The moment I saw her, it was her energy,” says Drew. “She’s beautiful, but she had this energy about her that I absolutely loved.”

By their second date, “she could finish my jokes before I hit the punch line,” he recalls. “Jonathan looked over at me, and I remember him leaning in and saying: ‘Who’s this girl? How is she finishing these inside jokes from things that we did when we were kids?’ That’s when I knew she was the one.”

Jonathan, still single at the time, got used to third-wheeling.

“I have photos of us on a date at the movies, and Jonathan’s behind us, eating popcorn on his own,” Drew says with a laugh. (In Jonathan’s defense, he didn’t want to “be a loser who goes to a movie by himself.”)

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Jonathan, who was married once before, met Kuznetsov at a charity gala in 2015.

“I kind of shrugged him off at first,” she says. But after he tracked her down on social media months later, she agreed to a date and “it’s been happiness ever since,” she says.

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“We are so mischievous,” says Jonathan of his relationship with Kuznetsov. “The day before Drew was going to propose to Linda, we contemplated eloping just to mess with him.”

“There’s this creepy look that Jonathan gets when he’s starting to get mischievous,” says Drew. “He sort of rubs his hands together and starts to do this thing with his eyebrows. Then he started dating Jacinta, and she does the exact same thing. So if you ever see the two of them sitting there wiggling their eyebrows, something’s about to happen.”

Now, Jonathan shares a home in Toronto with Kuznetsov, but the couple also live part-time in Las Vegas with Drew and Phan.

“This is the most humbling, unexpected, fantastic place to be in my life,” says Jonathan. “I’ve never been happier.”

“I’ve always been focused on work,” adds Drew. “So to have this beautiful woman in my life and knowing we’re going to get married, it’s amazing.”