Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan

Still Sweating? Try This 'Super Powerful' Honeywell Oscillating Tower Fan That's Just $37

“I bought three or four of these and they all lasted seven to 10 years”
By Sanah Faroke
July 26, 2021 11:00 PM
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Summer is still heating up most of the country, especially in the Southern and Western states. And it doesn't look like it'll let up any time soon, so if you've been holding out on getting a fan, just do yourself a favor and get one. To cover your entire room with a chill breeze, consider getting an oscillating tower fan — an Amazon favorite is the Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan, trusted by over 3,400 shoppers and going for just $37.

Honeywell's cooling products, from desk fans to dehumidifiers to portable air conditioners, are well regarded by shoppers and experts alike, and the Comfort Control Tower Fan is no exception. In fact, it's one of the most popular household tower fans on Amazon, ranking as a constant best-seller this summer

Buy It! Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan, $36.99;

The standing fan has "unmatched performance," delivering impressive power that can cool down medium and even large rooms in about 10 minutes, per shoppers. The oscillating design keeps the air moving as it shoots cool breeze in multiple directions on any of its three speeds. 

With its quiet operation, it's ideal to use while working from home, watching TV, or even sleeping. One shopper even compared the highest fan setting to a "whisper," while another said it creates a soothing white noise that they "can't sleep without." By the way, you'll also appreciate that its height hits bed level. 

While the oscillating fan doesn't come with a remote control, reviewers confirm that it is easy to operate via the LED setting panel on the top of the device. It also has timer settings that can turn it off after one, two, four, or eight hours of runtime. 

People who live in all kinds of homes, from dorms to single-family homes, love the Honeywell fan. Some use it in conjunction with an air conditioner to push cold air into other areas, while others say it's perfectly cooling on its own. Plus, it has such a small footprint that it "takes up no room at all."

The sleek fan even has repeat customers. After trying one in their home, some reviewers said they had to come back to buy additional ones for other rooms. 

"I bought three or four of these and they all lasted seven to 10 years," one shopper writes. "I just bought another two without hesitating. Our family uses them for white noise at night. On the lowest setting they have a gentle whoosh noise that's quiet enough that I'm not concerned about my hearing… I hope Honeywell makes these forever!"

"It's super powerful and makes me feel cold in the hot summer months," writes another. "I use it to get some better circulation in my apartment and it works wonders. I love it."

To cool down this summer, get the Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan that's cheaper than most and still "100 percent worth the money."

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