The crowd came ready to hunt for the HomeGoods' offshoot's best offerings

By Megan Stein
August 18, 2017 11:20 AM

It’s a boy band! It’s a unicorn frappuccino! Nope. It’s the opening of a discount home goods store.

HomeGoods‘ spinoff store Homesense is finally here and fans are literally lining up down the block to get a look at what the new brand is bringing to the (reasonably priced) table.

Ken Marcou for Homesense

The store opened its first location in Framingham, Massachusetts, August 17, and the crowd came through for TJX Co.’s latest offering, as these exclusive photos show. The décor-loving mob was clearly ready to storm the fort and be the first to get their hands on that next best throw pillow find.

Although similar to HomeGoods in many ways, Homesense has a few differences that set it apart from the original celeb favorite. For one, things are organized by color, to help shoppers find matching pieces a little more easily.

Ken Marcou for Homesense

Another addition is a “General Store” housing organizational and cleaning products, to satisfy any qualms you had about just perusing the aisles for fun (we didn’t).

Ken Marcou for Homesense

Two departments you won’t find, however, are Kids and Pets products. But don’t worry — it’s only to make room for the expanded lighting, art and furniture sections.

If you’re having major FOMO about what treasures there are to be discovered, plan a trip to East Hanover, New Jersey, where the second store is opening on September 7th.