'Home Town' 's Erin Napier Helps Her Childhood Friend Find a New House and a Fresh Start

Erin Napier said designing for a friend is fun “because you know what they like on deeper level” in an exclusive clip from Home Town

Erin Napier has a very special client on this Sunday's Home Town.

In an exclusive clip from the new episode, the HGTV star, 36, helps her longtime friend Rebekah Staples with searching for a new home in Laurel, Mississippi, to be nearer to her family.

"Rebekah is very close to her family. Her family is famous in Jones County," Napier reveals of the massive clan (Staples's dad is the youngest of thirteen children). "I think she has a dream of having a family here one day."

Staples was born and raised in Laurel but had moved away to Jackson, Mississippi. She explains, "I wanted to move back to Laurel to find a house and be close to my beautiful and wonderful family."

The women have been friends since they were in junior high, so designing a home for Staples is especially meaningful to Napier.

"It's fun designing for a friend because you know what they like on deeper level," she says.

Erin Napier

Staples's sister-in-law, who is coincidentally Erin's childhood bestfriend, also weighed in on her "eclectic" design style and how it is ever evolving.

"Bek travels quite a bit," she says. "I think it's probably really hard to nail down her specific style because she is being ever influenced by the cultures she experiences when she is traveling."

Staples, who is currently single, shared that she is hoping to find a rural property with lots of outdoor space.

"I'm kinda looking for something more rural," she explains. "Maybe a farmhouse type where there is some land and a pond. That would be my ideal situation."

Season 6 of Home Town airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

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