'Home Town Takeover' Season 2 Is Heading to Fort Morgan, Colorado — with Two New HGTV Hosts

Ben and Erin Napier will share hosting duties with fellow home reno stars Dave and Jenny Marrs for the town-wide makeover show's second season

As seen on Home Town Takeover, Ben and Erin Napier partner with Dave and Jenny Mars to revitalize the town of Fort Morgan, Colorado. The two couples announce to the town that they have been chosen for Home Town Takeover.
Photo: HGTV

Fort Morgan, Colorado, is about to get the Home Town Takeover treatment!

On Tuesday, HGTV revealed to the residents of the small town, located about an hour outside Denver, that they will be receiving a town-wide makeover on the hit show's second season.

In season 1, Home Town stars Ben and Erin Napier rolled into Wetumpka, Alabama, to restore homes, fix up businesses and reinvigorate public spaces to help the town gets back on its feet in the same way they had their own hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.

This time, the Napiers will be joined by new cohosts, Fixer to Fabulous's Dave and Jenny Marrs, to create a major transformation to uplift Fort Morgan and jumpstart its journey to becoming a buzzing hub and a destination for out-of-town visitors.

Ben and Erin Napier. courtesy HGTV

"It's just a really cool town and it's so much different from Wetumpka and Laurel, but at the same time, it has all of the same problems they had," Ben tells PEOPLE, citing younger generations moving away to live in bigger cities and a lack of a thriving main street to draw tourists.

"The town has a really fascinating history, a really diverse cultural background," he explains. "And just like any small town across America, it has these really inherent charms about it. So we want to go and help them tell that story."

"And it's the hometown of Glenn Miller!" adds Erin, of the legendary Big Band trombonist.

Ben is excited for another of the town's celebrity ties. "I'm a huge Clint Eastwood fan and I just found out that part of The Mule was filmed there," he says. "I'm really excited to be in the same place that Clint Eastwood was in."

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The new season of Takeover, which is set to air in early 2023, will include six episodes and a still-undisclosed number of makeover projects executed by the two couples with help from a handful of HGTV experts and local residents, all with the intention of "amplifying the town's charm and building community pride," according to a press release from HGTV.

The Marrses, who helped out on a few of projects in season 1, are stepping up this year as co-hosts.

"We're honored that Ben and Erin asked us to join them on this project, because we got a little taste of it last year and we just really loved the show," says Jenny, who lives in Bentonville, Arkansas, with husband Dave and their five kids. "We love small towns, and so we feel really passionate about being a part of this."

As seen on Fixer to Fabulous, Dave and Jenny Marrs work together on the Brewer Residence in Rogers, AR.which will be fully transformed during renovation. (Working)

Dave, having grown up in a small town in Colorado, is especially moved by the prospect of making a big impact there. "I'm really excited to see what the people in the town do because it's tough in a small town for small businesses, for the people. So to have an opportunity like this, it's such a big thing," he says.

Both couples are applying their learnings from season one of Takeover and the Napiers' spinoff series, Home Town Kickstart Presented by PEOPLE, in Fort Morgan. "It's the same recipe with different ingredients," says Ben.

Since they completed 12 projects in Wetumpka, Ben says, they've heard incredible stories of its continued resurgence.

ben and erin napier

"We hear that every building on Company Street has a business in it now. [People say,] 'We ate at Coaches Corner. It was the best food in the world. We set out on the patio overlooking the river.' We hear these stories and that's the best part about Hometown Takeover, hands down. It's not what we did there. It's what they did with what we did."

And that's the hope for Fort Morgan, too.

"I think there's this energy and spirit that gets ignited with this sort of project," says Dave. "So, even if someone may be leery of [the changes] to begin with, that energy is contagious and spreads through the town. We are going and lighting the match, but they're going to have to keep the fire going."

Season 2 of Home Town Takeover premieres in early 2023 on HGTV.

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