These $10 Draft Blockers Keep Homes Warm in the Coldest Weather (and Do So Much More)

The multi-use tool is year-round accessory

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Holikme Door Draft Stopper 2 Pack
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There are a few things you can come to expect when harsh winter weather comes around: hectic commutes to work, roofs that never seem to stay cleared of heavy snow, and drafts in your home that just won't go away. Luckily, the latter issue is easy to take care of.

Draft stoppers are the simple solution to chilly rooms. The tool attaches to the bottom of your doors to keep cold air from outside from creeping in. The clever devices can end up saving you a bunch of money in the long run (think about how much energy you'll save when you don't have to crank up the heat as much as before), and the best part is, they actually don't cost that much.

One of Amazon's top-rated draft stoppers, the Holikme Door Draft Stopper, costs just $10 for a pack of two. Based on the fact that it's garnered more than 8,000 perfect ratings and an overall rating of 4.3 stars, it's safe to say it's a winter essential you won't want to go without.

The Holikme stoppers are 37 inches wide and made from a flexible non-toxic silicone that, according to the brand, easily fits around most doors, even those leading to the outside. The stoppers can be used year-round in whatever room you choose. All you have to do to install one is trim the mold — if it's too long, that is — with some scissors and secure it around the bottom of the door. Shoppers say the whole process takes just a few minutes, and makes all of the difference during periods of intense weather. The waterproof adhesive material keeps the mold in place long term, so you won't need to replace it often.

"The strips made a significant difference in the warmth of the house on cold, blustery days, and especially on frigid nights," wrote one five-star reviewer. "Utility costs dropped and comfort improved!"

Along with keeping the temperature up, the stoppers can rectify any issues your home's inhabitants might have with sound and bugs, since they can block out noise and small critters, too.

One shopper whose room is next to the bathroom, said that once they installed the stopper, they went "from hearing everything," to "barely hearing the toilet flush."

Worth mentioning: These draft stoppers come in five different colors, including white, black, and transparent. That means you can shop one that blends in with your doors — no eyesores here.

Below, shop the draft stopper that has so many more uses than just blocking chilly air.

Holikme Door Draft Stopper 2 Pack

Buy It! Holikme Door Draft Stopper 2-Pack, $9.95;

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