The Younger actress talks her entertaining style

By Maggie Parker
July 01, 2016 06:04 AM

Her character on Younger might have a soft spot for glamorous soirées, but in real life, actress Hilary Duff much prefers casual parties at home.

Duff joined Stella Artois to kick off their summer hosting campaign — “Host One to Remember” — in New York City, and talked to PEOPLE about her entertaining habits.

“I do love to entertain at my house and I like it when it’s a little casual,” she says. “I live in LA so I like to throw all my doors open and do indoor/outdoor.”

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For the menu, Duff picks simple and flavorful dishes. “A few favorites are my honey garlic chicken, trays of colorful roasted vegetables, grilled fruit — like pineapple and peaches — or my famous bacon-wrapped dates.”

And she likes when her guests sever themselves. “I have these cute vintage bathtubs that I fill with Stella Artois or whatever I’m serving that night.”

Of course, she doesn’t want a complete circus so she will designate areas for eating and cluster chairs to make a conversation zone. “Like organized chaos,” she says.


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And Duff doesn’t need a holiday in order to celebrate. “I do love throwing holiday parties, but I think they are a lot more pressure than just throwing a party to throw a party. There’s a lot more that goes into it.”

She’ll attempt a theme every now and then —”like Mexican night,” she says. “But nothing too over the top.”

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In the end, her favorite type of event is low-key — and just rowdy enough.

“I like something casual, where it could turn into a random dance party or everyone can end up in the pool,” she says. “I do appreciate getting dressed and people making an effort, but I like feeling comfortable enough to kick your shoes off.”

So, we weren’t surprised to hear that the mother of one will be spending the Fourth of July in a trailer. (Okay, maybe a little surprised!)

“My sister and I, two years ago we bought this little trailer in Paradise Cove. It’s actually a trailer.” she says, adding that they’re planning a family weeked with Hilary’s son, Luca, 4, Haylie’s daughter, Ryan, 1. “It’s like a gated community but all trailers… they bring in food trucks. It’s awesome. I mean we are from Texas.”