By Jeff Nelson
April 15, 2016 09:00 AM
Credit: Courtesy Magnolia Home

With a real estate and home design business, a book deal, four kids at home and a new entrepreneurial offshoot seemingly every day, Joanna Gaines has a full plate — but she’s got it all figured out.

“Family is first,” Gaines, who stars with her husband, Chip, on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, tells PEOPLE. “The balance thing is hard because at first that’s what I was trying to do, and I was kind of going crazy because at the end of the day, it’s hard to really balance anything.”

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Indeed, the Waco, Texas based couple spends much of their time flipping and remodeling properties with Magnolia Homes, their real estate and construction company that garnered them their hit show. But when they’re not making homeowners’ dreams come true, they’re still hard at work at their own home, the farm that they’re still sprucing up where they live with their kids, sons Drake and Duke and daughters Ella and Emmie.

“We’ve had to over time figure out a way so when we’re at work, we’re all in. We’re efficient with our time, we’re filming,” she says. “But then when we get home, we’re all in at home.”

For the Gaines crew, going all in at home means spending time outdoors, tending to their livestock (cows and goats) — and being with the kids as much as possible.

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“I think that’s how we kind of bring balance mentally so we’re not all work-no play. For me it’s the garden and being outside and working with my hands; for Chip it’s just doing the whole cowboy thing, and we incorporate the kids,” says Gaines.

And the kids help with work, too. And PEOPLE can exclusively announce Gaines’s latest venture: Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines, a 25-piece paint line the design star created with KILZ.


“I want them to feel like they’re part of the process. Even with the paint colors, I let them pick the paint color they love, they pick the name, and so they feel like they’re working with mom and not that mom is working and they’re over in the corner,” Gaines adds. “We figure out ways to make them feel like they’re super-involved so that it seems a little more holistic.”

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Like with her other ventures (from the show to their remodeling business and furniture business), Gaines hopes the paint collection helps make building a home easier for people. With those goals in mind, she’s excited to launch the Magnolia home by Joanna Gaines.

“I think color really gives off certain vibes, so whatever design aesthetic you want, paint is typically the easiest way to transform your house,” Gaines says. “We’ve honed in on some of the best shades. I’ve always gone the more timeless, classic route. They’re colors that we’ve all seen: There’s nothing super trendy, and it’s just a good, clean line. I love greens, blues, grays, so buyers won’t feel like they’re looking at thousands of paint colors.”

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“Our passion is to really help people with their homes,” she says, so the aim with the line is easy: “Simplifying that process.”