Watch the 'Brady Bunch' Cast Recreate the Theme Song in First Look at Their New HGTV Show

PEOPLE got an exclusive first look at the show's opening sequence, which, naturally, includes a spiced-up version of the Brady Bunch theme song.

Brady Bunch cast - A Very Brady Renovation.
Photo: HGTV

After many months of waiting, it's finally here: We now have an exclusive first look at HGTV's new series, A Very Brady Renovation!

Premiering September 9, the new series follows six of the original cast members from the iconic sitcom The Brady Bunch as they renovate the famous house that served as the facade of the Brady family home from 1969 to 1974.

The show brings all the Brady kids — Barry Williams (Greg), Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Christopher Knight (Peter), Eve Plumb (Jan), Mike Lookinland (Bobby) and Susan Olsen (Cindy) — together for the first time in fifteen years, pairing them up with well-known designers to restore the home, which HGTV purchased for $3.5 million back in August 2018, inside and out.

Brady Bunch cast - A Very Brady Renovation.

PEOPLE got an exclusive first look at the show's opening sequence, which, naturally, includes a spiced-up version of the Brady Bunch theme song: "Here's the story, of a TV family, who we all thought lived inside this famous home," the song begins, paired to old clips from the show. "But the real house we all remember, was not at all as shown."

While the exterior of the house has become recognizable as the Brady home, all the interior scenes on The Brady Bunch were actually filmed on a separate soundstage, which the song is referring to. It is this set which they aim to replicate in the home.

The song continues: "So we bought the place and brought back all the Bradys. Who know every room and corner in and out. And we paired them with the HGTV family, that's the way we all remain the Brady house." (Feel free to sing it to yourself!)

The clip ends in classic Brady Bunch style: With each cast member in their own colorful box, looking up, down and side-to-side at the other members of the show.

In addition to the six former Bradys, the other cast members include Property Brothers stars Jonathan and Drew Scott, Good Bones' Mina Starsiak and Karen E Laine, Flea Market Flip's Lara Spencer, Restored by the Fords siblings Leanne and Steve Ford and Hidden Potential's Jasmine Roth.

Each designer is paired with a Brady sibling and given a room in the house to transform using the former child stars' memories of the set, and the designers' professional expertise.

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PEOPLE had the chance to talk to some of the original Brady family while visiting the set of the new show, and their reactions to the renovated home will only inspire fans to tune in more.

"I was totally blown away," McCormick, 62, told PEOPLE at the taping. "I felt like I was back at Paramount Studios at stage five, walking in the front door, getting ready to film a scene. I felt Robert [Reed], Florence [Henderson] and Ann B. Davis in that living room so much. I was blown away."

Brady Bunch cast - A Very Brady Renovation.

"I didn't anticipate how the whole picture would affect me," Lookinland, 58, added. "It's not just that the curtains match or that there's the staircase that everybody recognizes or the perfect fireplace, it's that it's all together now again in one place."

Though they described it as an incredibly fun process, the Brady Bunch cast say it also took an emotional toll on them, having to re-live such an influential part of their lives — and so many others'.

"Hopefully, this place will survive forever," McCormick said. "It's a part of history."

A Very Brady Renovation premieres on Monday, September 9 at 9pm ET/PT on HGTV.

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