Heather Dubrow May Not Live in Her Just-Completed 22,000-Square-Foot Home For Long: 'We'll See'

The Real Housewives or Orange County alum spent years designing the extraordinary property, but she's still not sure it'll be her permanent home

Heather Dubrow spent years designing every over-the-top feature of the mansion she shares with her husband, Terry. But even after all that work, she’s not calling it their forever home.

While the property has everything the Real Housewives of Orange County alum, 49, could ever want — including a massive champagne room, a 21-seat movie theater and a gong in the backyard — the couple have a history of moving around.

“We’ll see. We’ve honestly never lived anywhere longer than three years,” Heather admitted to ArchDigest.com, while giving a tour of the 22,000-square-foot Southern California home.

She went on to say the house was different from all the other places the couple had lived. “I think this is the first house we’ve been in that feels like our true home,” she remarked.

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However, while Heather has her doubts, her husband Terry is confident they’ve found their permanent place.

“We’re never selling this house; you’re going to bury me in the backyard,” the Botched star shared, having earlier told the outlet: “I can hype this house as much as I want. It’s going to live up to that hype. It’s going to exceed that hype.”

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Although many couples would collaborate when constructing their dream home, Chateau Dubrow is largely the work of one woman.

Leaving every decision to his wife, Terry’s sole involvement with the project consisted of finding the actual plot of land the property’s built on.

“With this house she said, ‘Here’s the deal. I’m going to build this house, but I don’t want to hear anything from you you at all.’ And so that was the rule,” he told Architectural Digest.

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However, while Heather told the outlet that her husband “loves one hundred percent of this house,” there’s one feature she thinks she could have thought out a little bit better.

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“There’s one design flaw,” she recently told PEOPLE Now, alluding to the champagne doorbell she installed in her closet, so she could always have a little bubbly on demand.

“You hit it in my closet and it rings in the kitchen, but I didn’t concept who was actually bringing the champagne,” she said.

The reality star admits the doorbell wasn’t the only service button she considered installing in her home. In her husband Terry’s self-described “man cave” — a 21-seat movie theater — she thought about incorporating buttons like they have in fancy theaters with waitstaff.

“Terry was like, ‘You know the kids are going to be in there hitting that button and you’re the server,’” she says. “I was like, ‘Oh good point. No button.’”

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