'RHOC' Heather Dubrow's Traveling Tips Include Stashing Socks in Your Purse: 'You Cannot Walk Barefoot Through Security!'

On the go? Trust Heather Dubrow!

In a video for her YouTube series, Heather’s Closet, the Real Housewives of Orange County star shares all of her “quirky (and very useful)” traveling hacks, and one thing is very clear: she wants no part of airport germs.

“You get on an airplane, there’s that button that pushes your seat back, there’s that little gross knob that pulls your tray table down, there’s the actual tray table, fomites, germs, everywhere!” she says holding up a bag of Wet Wipes as her first line of defense against airport illness. “Don’t get sick. Make sure you carry these.”

The security line is another cringe-worthy checkpoint for Dubrow, who always carries socks in her purse for the following reason.

“Do you have TSA pre-check? I do, too. But sometimes you don’t get it. Then what? What happens when you’re wearing flats and you have to take off your shoes?” she says. “You cannot walk barefoot through security! Do you know how many millions of dirty, gross feet walk through there?”

She dons her spare pair to avoid such horrors, and then turns them inside out before stashing them in her purse. “That way all those germs and dirt don’t go in your bag.”

Dubrow also shares a few tips about how to travel in style, including wearing all black so you don’t have to pack as much — “I’ve become really good at just taking a carry-on” — and keeping a pair of roll-up flats on-hand to swap out when your heels hurt. “Feet are saved, husband not irritated. Perfection,” she says.

When it comes to packing, the first thing to remember is, “always save your shoe bags.” You can slip your kicks into the cases to protect them from other items, as well as to hold your, “underwear and bras and tights and whatever other kinds of lingerie you need.”

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Next, “Let’s talk tissue!” she says. “Why do we need tissue paper? When we have special items that we want to really take care of or items that crease easily, you want to use tissue paper.”

She displays how to wrap a delicate jacket with white tissue paper, as if “you work in a store,” she says. “I worked in a store for, like, three days once. I have much, much respect for anyone that works retail.”

After ensuring her sparkly outerwear is tucked in nice and neat like a “little swaddled baby,” she lays it on top with care.

Finally, you’re free to zip everything up, ensure your personalized address tag is in place in case of a luggage mishap, and be ready to jet-set!

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