Your stick-on bow was just put to shame

By Mackenzie Schmidt
December 13, 2017 04:15 PM
Credit: Halle Berry Instagram; Dave J Hogan/Getty

Halle Berry has a serious gift for wrapping presents.

The Oscar winner took to Instagram to show off the presents under her Christmas tree and the immaculate packages will put your standard stick-on bow to shame.

“Wrapping game strong,” she writes on a Stories post showing off her masterful papering and taping skills.

Her signature move is thankfully an incredibly easy one to copy: wrapping twine or ribbon around each package multiple times in just one direction. But her ornaments take it up a notch. One nature-themed box wrapped in fir-tree patterned craft paper is completed with a pair of green, gold-glitter-dipped feathers and what appears to be an acorn (or perhaps a little bell) tied into the simple string.

Others, wrapped in matte black paper printed with stars are decorated with Christmas tree cut-outs and pom-poms attached with a basic clothes pin. Others have plush stars and gold snowflakes strung onto them.

Berry also made the aesthetically pleasing choice to have all her gifts coordinate for a professional-looking arrangement under the tree that even Martha Stewart would approve of.

But it’s not just gifts that have Berry living up to her almost Christmas-y name. She also shared a snap from a tree farm, where she was eyeing a hot pink fir. “Everything’s better in PINK,” she captioned the snap. Sadly it seems the magenta marvel didn’t make it home with her, as her holiday centerpiece is it’s natural green.

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She also shared what appears to be a homemade ornament of sugared cranberries formed into a heart. “This is my favorite time of year…how about you?” she writes.

Here’s hoping you made the Nice list.