The actress turned entrepreneur talks about leaving an industry "where people kissed my ass" to start goop

By Mackenzie Schmidt
September 08, 2016 11:14 AM
Credit: Layne Murdoch Jr./Getty

Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t giving up the goop.

The actress turned lifestyle entrepreneur’s was the first break out site of its kind from a celebrity, and regardless of how you feel about cupping therapy or over-the-top gift guides there’s no denying the brand’s cultural impact. Now Paltrow is speaking out about the “much bigger” future of goop, and setting straight the rumors that she’s jumping ship.

“I feel like we are just at like the acorn stage of fulfilling our potential,” she says in a video for LinkedIn, which she recently joined. “I have never known where goop is going, it has always caught me by surprise. We’ll just have to see. I am open to anything. I could sell it. I could pass it to my kids.”

She expresses a similar sentiment when talking about her acting career that doesn’t align easily with her public image: Gwyneth, the rebel. “I have always slightly been wrestling with this punk rock a**hole kid inside me who wants to buck tradition and do things her own way,” she writes in an accompanying essay. “Sometimes that has landed me in hot water, but it’s all gotten me to where I am today.”

Paltrow, 43, is quick to express that she’s not using those same decision making tactics in her business. “I (basically) walked away from a career where people kissed my ass to being grilled by a VC or my board,” she writes. “These days I spend every waking hour trying to execute on a strategy I created with my team to make goop the number one global lifestyle brand (a girl can dream).”

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She goes on to testify that she is “solidly in the trenches every day” when it comes to running the goop site, and is “obsessed” with the metrics and margins of her booming ecommerce business. She also regularly meets with investors — goop landed $10 million in series A funding last summer, according to Fast Company — and welcomes “well researched” criticism. Though, she notes, she’s more than happy to brush off the haters: “When something is criticism that is not well researched, it doesn’t mean anything to me,” she says.

Most of all, Paltrow wants dedicated goopers to know that she is not going anywhere. “Even though the world thought I had left goop for a minute when my sentiment about wanting the brand to not need me was twisted by the press, business was unaffected,” she explains. “Which means that my original vision is possible . . . goop is on its way to being much bigger than I am.”

In the video, she explains her hope is for goop to grow far beyond the star power she harnessed to launch it. “It is me, but we also really are collective. I didn’t name it Gwyneth Paltrow Life or whatever. I named it goop. I really want it to be its own company and I think the real scalability comes when I am not as inextricably linked with the company.”

It seems Gwyneth will not be consciously uncoupling from the brand she built anytime soon.