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Amazon Shoppers Say This Bug Zapper 'Kicks Butt' in Keeping Pests Away

And it’s just $25
By Amy Schulman
July 25, 2021 10:00 PM
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There's perhaps nothing quite worse than spending an evening outside on the back patio — only to be disturbed by a fleet of mosquitos and gnats. If you've tried a citronella candle but have grown weary of the strong scent, it's worth switching over to an electric bug zapper. You just hang it outside, simply turn it on, and let it do its thing. 

Amazon shoppers swear by the on-sale Gtocs Electric Bug Zapper, which comes complete with a brightly lit power grid that removes everything from mosquitoes and bugs to flies and moths. The safe zapper is free of chemicals and boasts a 360-degree trap so bugs at all angles won't be able to avoid it. It's also built with a protective grid that prevents fingers from accidentally being shocked by the high-voltage power. 

The bug zapper should be placed in high-traffic areas, like the patio, backyard, and balcony, and it can be conveniently slung over a branch or a hook, thanks to the included hanging ring. When it needs to be cleaned out, make sure to first unplug it from the wall before unscrewing the collection tray on the bottom. Then, go ahead and rinse it with a bit of water.     

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Gtocs Electric Bug Zapper, $25.49 (orig. $33.99); amazon.com 

Over 1,000 Amazon shoppers have given the bug zapper a five-star rating, noting that it's very "effective" and "kicks butt" in keeping bugs away. One reviewer was so impressed at the speed of the device, writing it was "already zapping flies within minutes of hooking it up."

"We brought our new Gtocs camping with us in a marshy mosquito ridden area," one five-star reviewer says. "Over the last week, it has paid for itself by killing lots of mosquitos and keeping us from being eaten alive. There's no noise except when an insect meets its demise, and then just a crackle. It is lightweight and doesn't require a lot of packing room, so we'll be using it in future trips."

If you face a constant battle with these pests when you're trying to sit outside and relax at night, this zapper might prove to be your secret weapon. 

"Fantastic bug zapper," another customer says. "We were constantly plagued by bugs in the front yard and the back of the house. Put this bug zapper by the front porch light and it was a massacre. By the third night, the pops and zaps were less in frequency and by the fourth were few, as the zapper vanquished our foes."

Say good riddance to bugs by shopping the Gtocs Electric Bug Zapper for just $25 at Amazon.