Greenote Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 18KPA Powerful Suction

Shoppers Are Raving About This Lightweight Stick Vacuum — and It's Just $40 on Amazon

“It makes it easy for even the elderly to use”
By Maya Gandara
July 23, 2021 05:00 AM
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There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars to get an efficient vacuum cleaner. Plenty of affordable options offer incredible suction power, effortless maneuverability, and a lightweight design. According to Amazon shoppers, the Greenote Stick Vacuum Cleaner brings all three features to the table — and it's on sale for $40 right now. 

The corded vacuum cleaner uses a high-density HEPA filter to keep allergens, dust, and dirt from escaping its powerful suction. While it can be used in its most basic form to clean carpets, hardwood, and tile, it comes with four attachments, as well as an adjustable extension tube for hard-to-reach places, such as curtains, ceiling fans, and tall furniture. The vacuum was designed with sound-absorbing materials, keeping disturbances to a minimum during cleaning. As an added bonus, it also comes with a wall mount tool for easy storage.

Greenote Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 18KPA Powerful Suction
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Greenote Stick Vacuum Cleaner, $39.99 (was $62.99);

Amazon shoppers say the model "exceeded expectations" despite its affordable price. The design is "easy to maneuver" and allows users of all ages to vacuum around the home without having to get on their hands and knees because it reaches under furniture, inside tight corners, and into the crevices of stairs. As one shopper put it, the vacuum was clearly made with "mobility in mind."

"It makes it easy for even the elderly to use," they said. "The [light weight] and the slim profile together make it much easier than a traditional vacuum. It's really easy to move the vacuum upstairs and downstairs. Having a cord makes it easy to take on a big home. Cordless vacuums' batteries tend not to run as long and usually require some charging in between to complete the full job. This vacuum is corded so you can just plug it in wherever you need it."

"The vacuum itself comes with all the necessary attachments one would need," wrote another reviewer. "The cord length is very generous and it actually appears to be made well, in that it is thick and flexible (doesn't feel like it will break and/or crack easily). The vacuum itself is powerful enough to pick up dirt and debris around the house. It is not heavy and can be easily used even by a child."

There's no telling how much longer the Greenote Stick Vacuum Cleaner will be marked down to $40, so head to Amazon and snag the customer-loved model for less while you can.