March 13, 2018 09:05 AM

Clay Matthews is bringing home the win for his big brother.

The Green Bay Packers linebacker wanted to give his older sibling, Brian, something truly special after he and his wife finally got pregnant with twins.

“Brian and Megan have been struggling for years trying to have kids,” Matthews explains in the latest episode of My Houzz. “The countless doctor visits that just, you know, had a negative outlook. Finally he let us know that Megan was pregnant with twins and I was more than excited for them.”

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The couple, who recently welcomed sons Cooper and Dalton, relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, where they picked up a property that the NFL star knew needed some major work to become the dream home they had in mind.

“This wasn’t just some house,” he said. “This is the house they foresee their future in for many, many years to come.”

The kitchen “didn’t have enough room to work,” the family room felt too dark, and the dining room was “just secluded,” according to Matthews. To help transform the awkward abode into a cheery family retreat, the football star turned to local designers Pat Hurst and Bridget DiFilippo of Hurst Design.


The crew knocked down walls, built in bigger windows and incorporated rustic touches — like the wood backsplash in the kitchen — to better suit the couple’s style. Mixing in pieces Brian and Megan already had, including a dining table that has sentimental value as the first piece they bought together, also helped the revamped space feel like home.

“When I opened up my eyes I was blown away,” Brian says of seeing his new digs for the first time. “I never imagined our kitchen, let alone our home, could look like this.”


Megan adds, “It’s really going to change the way we live our life from this point forward and I’m just so grateful to him for everything he’s done for us.”

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And, as it turns out, this isn’t the only time the footballer has showed his softer side.

“When we first found out we were pregnant I get a call from Clay saying, ‘Hey man check your door. Are there any packages there?’” he Brian recalls. “And I go out and sure enough there are cribs. And now Clay has outdone himself and given us this space, it just shows the type of person he is.”

For the full story of Matthews’s sweet surprise, watch the video above.

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