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Don't Underestimate How Quickly This Portable Air Cooler Can Lower the Room Temperature

It’s “the perfect way to stay cool this summer,” said an Amazon reviewer
By Nina Huang
July 09, 2021 08:00 PM
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There's nothing like summer's sweltering heat to make you realize that air conditioning is truly a blessing. But for those who have a poorly functioning unit in their home or a room that's too big to fully cool down fast, a portable air cooler (or even tower fan) might just be a worthwhile addition. That's perhaps the reason why Amazon shoppers have been snapping up portable air conditioners left and right (if its list of best-selling new home releases is any indication), including this air cooler fan by Greatssly that reviewers call the "perfect way to stay cool this summer."

Currently the best-seller in Amazon's evaporative coolers category, the appliance can be used as an evaporative air cooler, a desk fan, a humidifier, and a night light in one. All it needs is 13 fluid ounces of water and crushed ice for its water tank to begin releasing cool air, making it an energy-efficient way to lower the room temperature on hot days. Shoppers can get the regular-sized option for $3 off by applying the on-site Amazon coupon, but we don't recommend waiting — the larger version is already low in stock.

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Greatssly Portable Air Conditioner Fan, $43.99 with coupon (orig. $46.99);

Users say not to underestimate Greatssly's cooler because of its compact size. "It works very well for such an easy-to-carry and portable size," wrote a reviewer. "[It] cools the room quickly, and loading water and using it is quick. Works well as a room fan when you don't want to turn on all of the central AC or want to supplement it."

It's adjustable with three different fan speeds, the lowest of which makes it ideal to place on an office desk or by the bed as a white noise machine. The only caveat, one person noted, is that it cools best when kept in close proximity. "Bought this to put it on my desk and it does the trick," they said. "It's small which makes my desk clean instead of a big fan and it's quiet enough that it does not bother me during calls… However, this will not cool any further than your desk area. So, it needs to be somewhere close by to feel the air."

If you'd like to get more than one to place in multiple spots, Amazon is currently running a promotion where customers can get 5 percent off on top of the $3 coupon when purchasing two of the portable air coolers. Shop the must-have summertime gadget here, before it's fully sold out. 

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