'Good Bones' ' Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine Clap Back at Haters with 'Mean Comment Monday'

"It makes light of all the people that just really aren't very friendly," daughter Mina explains

These two chicks are bringing the hammer down on the haters!

Good Bones stars Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine, also known as Two Chicks and a Hammer, have put together their own DIY mini series inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrity Mean Tweets.” Their take, dubbed “Mean Comment Monday,” sees the mother-daughter duo sharing spirited takes on their nastiest online feedback. Although mom Karen insists, “We’re not celebrities,” and therefore don’t get direct tweets, the two still suffer a fair share of sassiness from their social media following.

“This show should be called ‘Two Gingers with Horrible Taste,’” one user writes, with another criticizing Mina for having a “horrible voice.” Another suggests the network just “burn it.” Luckily, the design duo take everything in stride, laughing them off and serving up some snarky feedback.

There is some debate as to who of the two gets the most flak. One viewer says, “Love Mina, but her mom drives me nuts,” while another insists Mina’s “Cute personality is not so much fun to see over and over and over.” Mina’s hot take on the matter? “Sorry for being so cute, Michael.”

As to why they would so forwardly subject themselves to critiques like “Your taste stinks,” and “This show is AWFUL,” it’s simply a means to keep their heads up.

“It makes light of all the people that just really aren’t very friendly,” Mina explains. “It will just motivate everyone to hopefully be a little bit nicer.”

There is one comment, though that the ladies at least somewhat agree with.

“Bring back Home Town, that is a great show with two honest people,” Mina reads.

Karen responds: “Home Town is a great show.”

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