'Good Bones'' Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen Laine Refused to Let TV Crew 'Manufacture' Any 'Fake Drama'

The stars of Good Bones can do bad all by themselves.

Mother and daughter Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk are speaking out about the very real dramatics that go down on their hit HGTV show.

“When we started filming for the pilot episode, and they sent people out from the production company to pick which houses they wanted [to feature],” recalls Starsiak-Hawk, who’s pregnant with her first child, she told the TV crew “we really don’t want to be that kind of show where you guys try to create fake drama.”

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But it wasn’t because the pair was hoping to present only the bright side of their extensive restoration projects. The two women have enough real drama go down during their renovations, there’s simply no need to amp it up.

“I promise there’s enough. There’s always enough. Things just happen,” says Starsiak-Hawk. “We will never have to fake anything.”

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And it didn’t take long for the then-newbie home reno stars to prove their point.

“As we’re all loading into my car to take them on the house tour, I get a call about a house that’s almost done — literally supposed to close in about 10 days — and the interior doors are just getting delivered.” she says. “So that’s a problem immediately. And they delivered all the wrong doors. They were terrible.”

In the same day, they also had one of their painters fall off a roof, injuring his ankle and had to call an ambulance.

“There are things that happen that you will swear are manufactured and I promise they’re not,” says Laine.

The duo face all kinds of interesting challenges, from bizarre (and occasionally gross) discoveries in abandoned homes to the occasional supernatural encounter: “Poltergeists happen,” she casually notes.

For more of Good Bones, watch the videos above and tune in to season three Tuesdays at 9/8C on HGTV.

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