Here's what you need to know about HGTV's mother-daughter design duo
Credit: Karen E. Laine/Instagram

Mom-daughter duo Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk are the stars of HGTV’s hit show Good Bones, which just wrapped up its second season. Their adorable dynamic and serious design chops are the reason the series is seriously addicting, but for five more reasons to love the Indianapolis-based design stars, check out these facts about, in Starsiak’s words, the “couple of likable gingers.”

1. They’re next-door neighbors.

Starsiak revealed she and her mom are side-by-side every day: “We live next door to each other,” she told IndyStar. “We’re mom and daughter and friends as well.”

But just like friends, they have their falling outs. “I think we’re just getting back to the point where we like each other again,” Starsiak joked after they completed the first season. “In regular life we would go to our separate corners when we need a break, but when we’re filming it’s full time, five to six days a week, so there wasn’t time to go to our corners.”

In true mom fashion, Laine adds, “That’s the value of being mother and daughter though — she’s not going to lose me. I’m always going to love her and think she’s awesome and have her back.”

2. Their family tree is tricky.

Laine and Starsiak had to literally draw out their family tree in this behind-the-scenes video to help fans understand their complicated connections, but here’s a quick breakdown: Starsiak’s dad, Casey, had three children with her mom, Laine, before divorcing. Laine then remarried to a man named Randy and had another daughter, Kelsy.

Casey then married a woman named Cheryl and had two children, Jess and Tad. After losing his mother and having a falling out with his and Starsiak’s father, Tad moved in with Laine and now works on their job sites. Things get even more confusing when Good Bones’ general contractor Lenny comes into the picture. Lenny was married to Cheryl before she married Casey. Casey and Cheryl later divorced, and Lenny married Cheryl for a second time, making Lenny Tad’s stepfather. Cheryl has since passed away and Lenny has married once again, this time to a woman named Ginger. All told, the crew appears to get along and work well as a remodeling powerhouse.

Laine divorced her second husband, Randy, and was married a third time to a man named Mick, before making things official with her current husband, Roger.

Starsiak tied the knot with her husband, Stephen Hawk, in June 2016. The couple have a special bond with Starsiak’s niece Julie, who she calls “JuJu Bean.” In January, Hawk took to Facebook to share some sweet sentiments about the little girl.

3. Laine is an attorney.

Before starting their remodeling company, Two Chicks and a Hammer, Laine had her own legal practice. The defense attorney later closed it, however, to focus on her and Starsiak’s bourgeoning business. In this second career path, both Laine and Starsiak are completely self-taught.

4. They thought their HGTV call was a joke.

Starsiak was skeptical when she was first approached about filming the show. “[A woman] kept calling my cellphone, and I thought it was someone messing with me first and trying to get our business information,” she told Popsugar. “But then I heard it was [a casting agent] . . . and we started a conversation about whether it was something we’d be interested in. We were like, ‘Sound’s like a party. Let’s do it!'”

Karen, however always knew they had it in them. “Mom was cleaning out something and found a letter that she had written to HGTV years ago saying, ‘You should make a show about us!'” Starsiak revealed.

5. They are passionate about improving their hometown.

The two don’t consider themselves house flippers, but instead hope to improve small pockets of Indianapolis. “We want to revitalize neighborhoods,” Laine said. “We know we’ve done well when we can’t afford to buy a house in a neighborhood anymore.”

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