One shopper said it’s a great place to have a glass of wine with your partner under the stars

By Christina Butan
June 26, 2019 09:43 AM

It was just last month that this Amazon tiny house went viral and sold out almost immediately — but now, there’s a new DIY backyard accessory in town.

The Garden Dome Igloo is exactly what it sounds like: an igloo that’s shaped like a geodesic dome. Retailing at $1,200, you can set up the igloo in your backyard or garden to use as a greenhouse, play spot for the kids, entertaining guests, or just staying warm outdoors during the winter. (One Amazon shopper was even able to use it as a temporary home when their house was foreclosed.)

According to customers, the geodome kit is easy to assemble, taking anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. It comes with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) standard frame, PVC transparent cover, metal clamps, screws, base weight bags, and assembly instructions. Once built, the dome is 12 feet in diameter and stands up to just over seven feet tall, while the base area is 107 square feet. The dome’s makers say that the igloo has “excellent airflow” even in “warm, still weather conditions,” and also withstands wind up to 31 miles an hour, and snow up to 90 pounds.


Buy It! Garden Dome Igloo, $1,199;

While the igloo is low in reviews at the moment, a majority of shoppers had positive things to say, and especially love it for their kids and during the winter.

“We bought one after we went to the Watergate Hotel and rented one of their igloos for the evening. Last year, we set it up in our front yard in DC and this year, we just moved it to our backyard in Williamsburg,” one reviewer wrote. “The set up is a little time consuming the first time, maybe less than 2 hours. The second time, it was less than 30 minutes. We absolutely love it for the winter.

“Although a little pricey, we found this item to be worth the price, as now we can get our kids out of the house to play instead of watching iPads all day,” wrote another.

Whether the viral tiny house intrigued you but you didn’t quite have the funds for it, or you just want to wow guests every time they’re over, this garden igloo could be the major home accessory you’ve been looking for.