By Mackenzie Schmidt
March 30, 2017 01:19 PM

Genevieve Gorder is here for the Trading Spaces reboot . . . and she might be there for it, too.

“It coming back feels a little weird and a little exciting,” Gorder tells PEOPLE of the news that TLC will bring back the hit show at a preview for her forthcoming collection for children’s décor brand, Land of Nod. “It will never be the same, but I want them to build on what we did and make it better.”

Asked if she’d consider signing on to the new show if she got the call, Gorder replies without hesitation, “Of course,” adding, “I don’t think I would be probably a designer at this point — maybe once in a while. I would come back more as a mentor maybe, or a guest designer.”

But the New York–based talent, who has since hosted Dear Genevieve on HGTV, been a judge on the network’s reality competition show, Design Star, and runs her own successful interiors firm, would never diminish the series that gave her her start.

“It was the first, “ she says of the show, which ran from 2000 until 2008. “You can only do that once and we did it. I am so proud of it and I never look down on it.” She adds, “Whatever you do that’s new is great, but when someone brings up Trading Spaces . . . it’s like it’s a platform that you ride for life.”

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With a few exceptions, her castmates seem to feel the same. When news of the second coming emerged on Tuesday, Gorder immediately called her friends from the show: “We all found out at the same time and we were all calling each other like, ‘what the….?’” she says. “I talked to Carter [Oosterhouse] and Ty [Pennington] and the crew. We’ve all been talking incessantly.”

As for her hopes for the new version, which will begin airing in 2018, Gorder would like to see some new blood in the mix. “I’m imagining it’s probably going to be all new people,” she says. Though she admits “a mix of new guard and old guard” could work, too.

“I don’t think they should try to copy anybody that was on there,” she says. “The original Trading Spaces cast, the chemistry and that balance, in the very beginning is what was the most powerful. So if they can do that again with the new group, bravo. It was lightening in a bottle.”