'Trading Spaces'' Genevieve Gorder Shares Her Best Back-to-School Design Tips

Genevieve Gorder talks motherhood, home renovation trends and must-have decor pieces ahead of the launch of her interior design game on August 6.

Interior designer Genevieve Gorder just can’t help herself during back to school season.

The Trading Spaces star’s 11-year-old daughter Bebelle is starting middle school this year, and Gorder admits that an over-the-top locker design plan is already in the works.

“I’m getting really excited for lockers because that hasn’t happened yet in my daughter’s life,” Gorder, 45, tells PEOPLE exclusively ahead of the launch of her interior design mobile game called Vineyard Valley on August 6. “We’ve planned the battery powered lighting that comes on when you open the door. We’re bringing in wallpaper on top of foam boards. We’re going to make our own mirror with magnets and a pouch for saving notes.”

Despite sharing her love of design and home renovation on TLC, her Bravo series Best Room Wins, and her Netflix show Stay Here, the newlywed star says she encouraged her daughter (who she shares with ex-husband Tyler Harcott) to discover her own passions — thanks to good genes no doubt, they align with Gorder’s.


“I didn’t want to push because I didn’t know what she wanted to be,” Gorder says. “But she is inherently creative. I’m 99 percent sure [her career] will be something creative.”

Genevieve Gorder Says Never Paint a Wall Neon But Layering Rugs Is Acceptable
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In between back to school prep and launching Vineyard Valley with Jam City (which allows players to renovate a virtual vineyard and the surrounding real estate), the busy mom says she’s also in the process of renovating her own home. Her best design tip? “Everyone should have one thing in every room that gives them joy,” Gordor tells PEOPLE. “We look forward to things like going on vacation. We need things to look forward to in a space, as well.”

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Gorder also suggests investing in a beautiful tray — what she calls the “workhorse of the home” — to spruce up coffee tables and end tables.

“Trays hold an assortment of vignettes, they hold stacks of things,” theTV personality says. “But they are really beautiful and until you have it in the room, you don’t really notice how powerful it is.”

The simple decor piece is an underrated staple for Gorder, along with a cozy throw blanket and the “gigantic” zodiac-themed pendent hanging in her living room.

As for trends to keep an eye on, the interior designer says feminine styles, 1980s zig-zags and 1990s earth tones are having a major moment: “There’s an abundance of moss greens, olive greens and deep dark forest greens,” she says. “Things used to be rectilinear, very straight edged, and now we’re seeing curves everywhere.”

“Plants have really become the home’s new accessory,” Gorder, whose mobile game allows users to experiment with all the latest home design trends, adds. “Every single room of the house has a copious amount of plants. I can’t complain.”

Vineyard Valley will be available to download in the App Store and Google Play on August 6.

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