Her new series, Stay Here, is streaming now on Netflix.

By Emily Strohm
August 27, 2018 10:53 AM
Credit: Peter Yang

The queen of design has a new gig!

In her series Stay Here on Netflix, Genevieve Gorder helps homeowners transform their not-so-successful rentals into highly sought after accommodations.

But the philosophy behind her latest business endeavor might surprise you. “It’s just like a dating app,” says Gorder. “They want the cutest girl on Tinder and they want the most beautiful house on AirBnB or whatever app they’re using.”

Gorder adds they aren’t exclusively working with any one platform.

In the first season of her show, Gorder takes on eight properties scattered across the United States including locations in Austin, Palm Springs, Seattle, Washington D.C., New York, and California.

After redesigning each property, “I’ve gotten calls from every single homeowner telling me they’ve been so booked up that they had raised their rates,” she says. “Some are even making so much money that they have purchased three or four other properties.”

Seeing all the success homeowners were having with her makeovers inspired Gorder and her fiancé Christian Dunbar to start their own short-term rental in Savannah, Georgia.

“The plan is to have many, many properties,” she says.

Stay Here is streaming now on Netflix.