Genevieve Gorder Confronts 'Trading Spaces' Homeowner Who Hated her Room 10 Years Later

Her made over room is unrecognizable

Genevieve Gorder is reliving one of her most memorable Trading Spaces fails.

Homeowner Nancy, who opened her eyes to an Asian-inspired space in a particularly cringe-worthy reveal during the show’s original run, finally got her chance to address her designer 10 years later when the cast made an appearance on Rachael Ray.

In a throwback clip from the episode, host Paige Davis is seen explaining that one wall in their made-over abode is “actually rust.”

Nancy looks stunned as she takes in the room. When Davis presses her to answer whether or not she likes the pillows (or even “the idea of them”), Nancy replies, “Not really.”

The couple clearly didn’t hold a grudge, though, as Ray tracked Nancy down and reconnected her with Gorder and fellow cast mates Davis, Ty Pennington, and Doug Wilson to chat about what she’s kept from her Trading Spaces experience.

“I did keep a lot of the treasures that you guys left for us,” Nancy told the group from her sofa in the same room that Gorder transformed, which now boasts a neutral color scheme and only the pillows provided from her on-screen makeover.

She still has the Japanese obi that inspired the design of the room, but keeps it tucked away. “I just have it in a box for my kids someday,” she says.

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Although few fans can forget Nancy’s less than enthusiastic first reaction, she admits that her time on the show was well worth a little rust.

“Oh my gosh, we had so much fun, and we are so thankful that we were picked to do the show,” she gushed. “It still comes up every now and again and it was a great experience.”

Tune in to Rachael Ray Friday, April 6. See local listings for times.

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