Gage Edward Shares Smiling Selfie with Daughter Monroe Amid Custody Battle with Ex Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis previously revealed that he and Gage Edward had hired lawyers to discuss custody over two-year-old daughter Monroe

Gage Edward is sending out some good vibes amid his custody battle over 2-year-old daughter Monroe with his ex Jeff Lewis.

The Flipping Out star shared a smiley selfie in which he and and his daughter are snuggling on the couch with one of her stuffed animals on Instagram. “All you need is love. ” Edward captioned the image.

Edward only recently joined the social media site. On May 17, he shared his first post, another photo of himself with Monroe captioned “Date night.”

His most recent Instagram post marks the first time Edward has publicly spoken out since Lewis, from whom he split in January, alleged that Edward “locked himself” in his guest room during a disagreement. Lewis claimed on his Sirius XM radio show Jeff Lewis Live! that the incident is what sparked Edward to hire a lawyer, ramping up their custody battle.

“He was coming in the home once or twice a day,” Lewis said on his show. “Until recently, when something happened last week where it made me very nervous and scared.”

Lewis claims Edward “locked himself” in the guest room of the home they formerly shared in Sherman Oaks and “said that he wasn’t going to come out until I left,” Lewis continued. “And that made me feel very unsafe in my own home.”

Edward had no comment on the situation to PEOPLE.

After the alleged incident, Lewis said he approached Edward and told him he shouldn’t be coming to the house for visitation with Monroe anymore, but claimed he wasn’t attempting to limit his access to their daughter.

“I will allow you complete access to Monroe, but I think you should just do visitation outside the house,” Lewis recalled saying to Edward.

Following that incident, Lewis claimed, he received a “nasty” letter from Edward’s attorney, asking for 50/50 custody of Monroe that would allow him to see her three-and-a-half days per week. Lewis first brought up the letter on June 13, during a segment on his radio show, saying “I received a very nasty, nasty letter with a slew of mischaracterizations, mistruths, accusations and demands.”

“Unfortunately, during breakups you see people for who they really are,” he continued. “The problem is, when you hurt each other this way, it’s very hard to get through it. Sometimes people do such terrible things and say such terrible things.” He also alleged that the “events of the last five months” laid out by Edward’s attorney were “drastically different than what happened.”

However, despite their disagreement, Lewis said the pair, who were together for 10 years before their January split, were able to be civil when co-parenting Monroe on Father’s Day, when Edward took their daughter out to dinner and she came back with an upset stomach.

“She had diarrhea in the car and she was crying and it hurt and he was holding her,” Lewis said on Tuesday. “She just didn’t want to let go of him. And I said ‘Just come in the house.’”

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