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For those who appreciate the lost art form of putting pen to paper, this selection of greeting cards is sure to stir your creativity—and charm your significant other in the process. Since all of our card choices offer a blank canvas inside, you’ll have plenty of room to pen your innermost thoughts, feelings, and, perhaps, even a poem if the mood should strike. You might have trouble picking just one!

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Card (above)

If one (or both) of you aren’t too keen on expressing your emotions—or Valentine’s Day in general, for that matter—let this silly card do the talking this February 14th. A hand-lettered design—“obligatory overly mushy sentimental Valentine’s Day card”—is printed in neon pink ink on the front of 120-pound white cardstock. The card is blank inside, so you really can pen your own sappy love letter… or you could just let the card do the talking and write a simple “I love you.” The card comes packaged in a clear cellophane sleeve and, to the delight of procrastinators everywhere, arrives in just three days.

To Buy: $5; rowhouse14.etsy.com.

Bettie Confetti

Funny Grammar Card

For those who never forgot all of the rules from those elementary grammar lessons and won’t let any slip-ups go (no, not even in text messages!), here’s a comical card that subtly compliments your Valentine’s intelligence, too. The card features the words their, they’re, and there in big bold letters. Beneath that, it says “I love you because you know the difference.” The text is printed on 100 percent recycled brown kraft paper and comes with a matching envelope. It’s blank inside, so you can write your own grammatically correct message. The card does ship from the United Kingdom, so you’ll want to order early—the seller recommends allowing five to seven business days for delivery.

To Buy: $3.50; bettieconfetti.etsy.com.

Cheddar and Co

Parks and Recreation Card 

No one delivers a compliment quite like Leslie Knope. Ann Perkins was recipient to many odd praises, including “beautiful, naïve, sophisticated, newborn baby,” and “beautiful, rule-breaking moth” to name a few of our favorites. If you can’t come up with a line quite like Knope, this card delivers one of her classics—calling your friend or loved one a “noble land mermaid” is the perfect way to say, “I love you,” and also confuse them a tiny bit. What is a land mermaid? Only Leslie knows. You can personalize the card by adding a custom colorful layer underneath the message—turquoise is shown, but almost two dozen colors are available (you can see samples of the colors on the seller’s Etsy page).

To Buy: $4; cheddarandco.etsy.com.


Silvia and Veronica

Tinder Card

With so many dating apps out there (Tinder, Match.com, Bumble, The League… just to name a few!), this modern day card couldn’t be more relevant to a large percentage of relationships. Browsing said apps may feel laborious, subjective, and sometimes even superficial, but this card lets him or her know it was all worth it—you swiped right and now you’re lucky enough to have them in your life. The card, which is blank inside, is printed on recycled kraft paper and comes packaged in a clear cellophane bag. Orders ship within two days of purchase.

To Buy: $5; silviaveronica.etsy.com.

Nuts 4 Stampin

Sriracha Card

For anyone with a serious hot sauce addiction, choose a card that will add a little spice to the romantic holiday. This unique card features a Sriracha bottle that’s heat embossed in white and then hand painted red and green. Rather than the usual logo, the bottle features a complimentary message: “You are hotter than Sriracha.” Inside, the card can be personalized with your choice of 11 different messages, including “Happy Valentine’s Day,” “I love you,” or blank. Red and white baker’s twine adds a nice touch, too. A matching envelope is included with each card.

To Buy: $4, nuts4stampin.etsy.com.

Paper Source

Dear Valentine Card

If you have a hard time formulating just the right words to tell your partner why you love them so much (we get it—mushy and sentimental isn’t for everyone!), let this card be your guide as you pen your Valentine. The card features prompts “I thought you should know that” and “So I’m sending you” with wild, tame, and comical selections (“you turn me on,” “you’re beautiful,” or “you’re always right”). You can even choose your salutation (“xoxo,” “with love,” or “with lust”). The card is blank inside, in case you’re feeling inspired to write a little bit more.

To Buy: $5; papersource.com.

Not On The High Street

You’re Definitely My Type Card

Your favorite writer or vintage collector will surely get a kick out of this clever card imprinted with an image of a mint-colored antique typewriter and the play on words, “You’re Definitely My Type.” If you’re up for the ultimate challenge, we recommend typing a love letter in a typewriter font and tucking inside this adorable card. A smooth ivory envelope is included with the card, and everything comes packaged in a clear cellophane wrapper.

To Buy: $4; notonthehighstreet.com.

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