By Megan Stein
Updated January 19, 2017 02:30 PM

Now this is good Tanner family fun.

After scooping up the real San Francisco home that served as the façade of the Full House and Fuller House house, the shows’ producer Jeff Franklin is fully prepared to make everyone’s nostalgic ’90s dreams come true — including playing host to a celebratory sleepover with Steph and D.J.

Full House turns 30 years old this September,” Andrea Barber, who plays Kimmy Gibbler on the original sitcom and the reboot, tells Entertainment Tonight. “So Jeff Franklin is hoping to host a slumber party at the original Full House house in San Francisco with all of the cast members in sleeping bags.”

Candace Cameron Bure, aka big sister D.J., adds, “We expect a lot of slumber parties in there.”

Stephanie Tanner’s real-life counterpoint Jodie Sweetin isn’t so sure about the plan, though. “Just so you all know, the house looks nothing like the set,” she says of the real home’s interiors. “There’s no way that, like, 12 of us could live in this house — but we’re going to try!”

Franklin, who picked up the iconic property for a reported $4 million, doesn’t seem to mind the possibility of the tight squeeze, and even recently had the cast make concrete molds of their handprints for the backyard.

“It’s pretty cool,” he says.

However, Franklin did take to Instagram recently to post a few house rules that suggest fans are maybe a little too enthusiastic about his recent real estate deal.

While the usual codes of conduct like “no double-parking” and “no loitering” apply, the last note on his list is sure to delight and disappoint Full House fans hoping to visit: “Don’t make anyone say ‘how rude.’”

And while the cast is happy to have the home back in the family, Franklin suggests to ET that that may not be the case “everywhere you look” (if you will).

“The neighbors are thrilled,” he jokes.